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    You open the daily paper and you read about murders, wars, corruption, bribery, greed and poverty. And suddenly you read this
    Message 1 of 12 , May 3, 2007
      You open the daily paper and you read about murders, wars,
      corruption, bribery, greed and poverty. And suddenly you read this
      and you smile. And you read it again just to convince yourself that
      that tiny you can make a difference. And you smile again and set off
      on your little journey with a spring in your step.

      Hello, students, community and friends. Welcome to another issue of
      your e-zine Afro-Latin London, your weekly run-down of what's going
      on in the capital (and beyond, sometimes) in the African and Latin

      Thanks to those who e-mailed me back re that clip on youtube.com I
      posted the other day. I've had messages coming from different
      quarters, even one all the way from Brazil and I promise to share
      the links with you all.

      Today I would like to let you know, first of all, about a couple of
      concerts that will take place in London soon, the first one on
      Thursday 3rd May at the Jazz Café (020 7 534 6955) with Eddie
      Palmieri and his band. Eddie was recently interviewed by the widely
      known omo aña, master drummer, Crispin Robinson on BBC Radio 3 and
      will be appearing at the aforementioned venue as part of a revival
      of the Fania All Stars back catalogue, which you can check online
      here http://faniarecords.com/Fania/site/Home.aspx. There are a few
      gems for you salsa lovers, as records by the likes of Johnny Pacheco
      and Celia Cruz have been re-mastered and re-packaged for the myspace
      generation. In August, we'll have another visitor from days of yore,
      Maestro Willie Colon, playing at the Roundhouse on 10th August (0870
      389 1846). That's not to be missed and you'll get a reminder from
      yours truly in due course.

      First item in our weekly run-down comes courtsey of Cristina/Oshun.

      CHRISTINA FOR MORE INFO ON 07932438788 OR EAMIL oshunniyibose@...

      Next item comes courtsey of Kabula newsletter, which is always a

      Friday 18th May
      Canning House
      Africa to Brazil: Rio Rhythms, London Vibes
      'Unique evening inspired by carnaval where the rhythms and songs of
      Rio will fuse with poetic London vibes.
      Members £5/Non-members £7
      020 7 235 2303 ext 226

      Next up is a type of dance that I'd never heard about before (but
      then again, I'd never heard about Morris dance before coming to live
      in the UK either) and it looks exciting. Decide for yourselves.

      come join us for this exciting dance discipline called SEGA. What is
      SEGA dancing exactly:-
      Well it is a dance originating in 19th century Mauritius by black
      slaves who met regularly on secluded beaches and danced their
      worries away, helped along with a lot of rum drinking!! Danced
      wearing large flowered skirts for women and trousers and flowered
      shirts for men, this erotic dance is done using fast hip moves and
      being very light footed, the idea is to dance without touching our
      partner, mmmmmm!!
      Want to find out more, pls join us at :-THE LATIN QUARTER,
      27 BROADWAY,
      STRATFORD, LONDON E15 4BYWhen: MONDAYS - 6-7pm Juniors children up
      to 12 yrs
      Adults - 7-8 pm promotional price £3ph. WE ARE PUTTING TOGETHER A
      SEGA DANCE TROUPE, would you like to join us?
      contact :Sameera Madana - 078 321 304 69
      E: sameeramadana@ yahoo.co.uk

      The first of the Summer Schools is here and it looks yummy enough to
      forget about the dark warnings that this year will be the hottest
      ever. So what? Never heard of a paddling pool?

      This is a great opportunity for people interested in deepening their
      knowledge of traditional West African dance forms. The teacher,
      Sonja Toure, has been teaching for 15 years and has a growing
      reputation in Europe as a performer and teacher. She is based in
      Belgium and has been travelling over to the UK every few months to
      run weekend workshops since 2002. We want to target dancers and
      teachers who will use the material in their work and disseminate it
      further. Sonja Toure is based in Begium and has specialised in
      traditional West African dance for the past 15 years. She teaches
      dances mainly from Guinea and has more recently been studying in
      Burkina Faso and Senegal . Her reputation as a teacher has been
      growing and, as well as all over her native Belgium she now teaches
      on African dance courses in France and Holland . She has been coming
      to the UK to run workshops since 2002. If you've not had the
      opportunity to dance with her yet then come and experience her
      unique style of teaching and high level of energy which will leave
      you exhilarated and well worked out! All workshops are accompanied
      by live percussion.
      19th and 20th May at the Yaa Asantewaa Community Centre, W12
      beginners dance 1.30 to 4.30 Saturday
      int/advanced dance 12 to 3pm on sunday
      From 23rd to 27th July at Brixton Arts Space
      With SONJA TOURE each afternoon from 2.30 to 5.30 £100 for the week
      Further details at www.djembeschool. org or call
      Eliza on 07887 683856
      Thanks very much
      Eliza Dickie
      www.djembeschool. org
      07887 683856
      0208 898 4152

      The latest from Jackson's Lane tells me that they're thinking of
      opening the centre in September of the current year, so my dear
      students, fret not, for I am equally frustrated that we have not
      been able to have our weekly classes for so long. In the meantime to
      whet your appetites I shall leave you with a clip of Conjunto
      Folclorico Nacional de Cuba and some free-style columbia. The last
      dancer is Domingo Pau, professeur extraordinaire and the person who
      taught me a lot of what I know nowadays about Afro-Cuban culture and
      dance. And please, please, several crimes were committed in the 70s
      and 80s against fashion. Ignore the red shirt, if you can avert your
      eyes, that is.


      This is not a dance-related item, but I have a lot of respect for
      ricenpeas and if it wasn't for the fact that I wear Levis and go out
      jogging in Nike trainers, I would consider the possibility of
      joining their staff at some point. I don't do Starbucks, though.

      Are you intelligent, self motivated, interested in the emerging
      genre of feature-length documentary film production and believe you
      have the mettle to work under pressure, problem solve and multi-
      task? Are you willing to travel anywhere, under any circumstance and
      live under extremely testing conditions? Do you think you have the
      ability to absorb the responsibilities of a Director, Producer,
      Production Manager, P.A and sometimes Administrator? Are you
      interested in current affairs and international politics,
      disillusioned by the lack of ethics in mainstream journalism and not
      one of those wishy-washy media types interested in Starbucks coffee
      and media for the sake of it? if you are not afraid of breaking a
      nail or scuffing your shoes and think you fulfill ALL of the
      criteria above, then drop us a line. You will need to be able to
      financially support yourself whilst training, however, the benefits
      are enormous. You will become a part of a small yet dynamic team
      that travels the world experimenting with different documentary
      techniques and producing stories of international relevance. We are
      possibly the most financially strapped independent documentary
      production company in the UK, yet one of the most dynamic. SUPERMAN
      AND SUPERWOMAN NEED ONLY APPLY. A proven ability to deliver is
      necessary. SEND YOUR CV TO INFO@... (Self belief is more
      important than experience)

      Jeanefer Jean-Charles has been promoting the show below, which is a
      provocative take on cultural heritage and life from the female

      State of Emergency Presents
      Mission Re-position
      Place Theatre
      8th and 9th May
      020 7 121 1100

      And you know in times when blogs and online fora spring up
      everywhere, left, right and centre, cynicism becomes le mot d'ordre,
      however, I don't think there's anything cynical about what Feedback
      33 is attempting to do.

      Initiated by Sheron Wray, Feedback33 is a Dancer's Forum. It takes
      place every Wednesday at London Studio Centre, Kings Cross. Its a
      place to try new styles of dance, gain insight into the passions,
      challenges and experiences of various teachers, choregraphers and
      your peers. A fresh and friendly place to share and gain new
      insights. We support additional activites like dance theatre trips.
      £5 registration and £3 thereafter!
      Wednesday 9th May Namron leads his session in
      Contemporary Dance from 7-9pm with Live drummer!
      Confirm your place by Contacting Zela Gayle
      (Forum's coordinator) on 07946 551 537 Or email:
      inspiredbyluv@ yahoo.co. uk
      Also see www.myspace. com/feedback33 for a full list of
      all teachers' biographies.
      Venue: London Studio Centre
      42-50 York Way
      London N1 9AB
      Nearest Tube station is King's Cross - York Way runs
      up the East side of the station.
      Free Parking outside Venue
      Cost: £5
      Time: 7-9pm
      Date: 9th May

      And on that note we sign off for this week. Keep your contributions
      coming, especially the ones from youtube.com and enjoy this nice,
      fine weather.

      Take care,


      07813 627 967

      If you do not wish to receive updates from me, please, reply with
      the word 'unsuscribe' in the subject box.

      'The best view is always from the mountain you've climbed'

      Grayson Perry (artist)
    • MLG
      Hello, community, friends and students,welcome to another edition of your online service with the most updated information on what s going in London in the
      Message 2 of 12 , May 10, 2007
        Hello, community, friends and students,welcome to another edition of
        your online service with the most updated information on what's
        going in London in the African and Latin Diasporas

        In this issue:

        - First-time film-maker
        - Moving Africa Dance Season at the Barbican
        - Exhibition by Teleica Kirkland at Gallery Fore, Edmonton, London
        - First Capoeira Tribal Ritual in the UK- May Issue of ricenpeas.com
        - African Contemporary Dance Workshop with Alison Ray
        - Weekly youtube.com clip
        - Petition to oppose Arts Council of England Funding Cuts

        And so, it had to happen, one day, my dear fellows. Hollywood, here
        I come! Or rather, Cannes, Venice, Sundance, Havana (in December).
        Don't fancy all that plastic yet.

        My first foray into film-making has proved to be a success. A paper
        exhibition has opened at The ArtsZone, my workplace, and I made a
        trailer for it. Leaving my amateurishness and lack of professional
        filming equipment aside, I feel very proud of the final product, and
        although it's not particular relevant to the remit of this e-zine,
        here goes the link for all you, arts-lovers. Please, if you are
        youtubers yourselves, do leave your comments (nice ones, hopefully)
        in the box provided, as they encourage small organisations like ours
        to keep staging exhibits as successful as this one.


        Third year running that the Barbican has produced the 'Moving
        Africa' season and I think they should be commended for it.

        Moving Africa 3
        Contemporary African Dance
        4 - 16 June 2007
        The Pit, Barbican Centre
        Two double bills continue the bite contemporary African dance
        series, Moving Africa. The first juxtaposes two strongly contrasting
        duets by emerging choreographers from South Africa and Senegal .
        Umthombi poignantly tells the story of a boy's coming of age, while
        the powerful and intense Impro-Visé_2 stirs up a vivid sense of life
        on the streets. The second double bill features performances by
        celebrated African dancer-choreographe rs: Plasticization is a
        light hearted and cheeky solo by Neliswe Xaba and in C'est à Dire
        Seydou Boro performs a confessional monologue.
        `The programme as a whole is fresh and illuminating, a rare and very
        welcome window on the diverse contemporary art coming out of
        Africa .'
        The Guardian on Moving Africa 2
        Book online at www.barbican. org.uk/bite or call the Box Office on
        0845 120 7515

        And still we stay with my 9-5 job, because Teleica Kirkland, student
        of both the Soul-Jazz and Afro-Cuban dance courses, performer and
        artiste extraordinaire is having an exhibition at Gallery Fore,
        Edmonton, London. For more details click on the following link and
        do not be surprised if you spot two other known faces from my
        classes as well as Soul Jazz's, Ilham and Paula. They're both
        modelling Teleica Kirkland's clothes designs whilst performing the
        Afro-Cuban orishas Oshun and Eleggua respectively.


        As usual, there's always a piece of news from the capoeira community
        in London.

        Hi my friends from Forró, Capoeira and all those who like Brazilian
        I would like to invite you to the Capoeira First Tribal Ritual in
        UK, the event celebrating the 24th anniversary of Grupo de Capoeira
        Mar Azul.
        It will happen from the 18 to 20 of June, full of attractions,
        workshops (not only for capoeiristas) and a nice party, of course!
        Click on the link below to see the full information in English or
        Portugues of this unmissable event.
        Take care!
        Pedro Campolina
        capoeira / percussion
        Para ver a programção em português, click em
        www.marazul.co.uk/tribalritual_pt.htm and for English click on
        www.marazul.co.uk/tribalritual.htm .

        The May issue of ricenpeas.com is online now, available for anyone
        who's interested in topical issues and material of a cutting-edge

        This months issue of RICENPEAS.COM is now online.
        Dominic - The Original "White Bwoy"
        In the 1980's a "white boy" with a love for reggae music left
        England to carve a name for himself amongst Jamaica's top musicians
        and some of the Island's most notorious gunmen. Ishmahil Blagrove,
        Jr. interviews Dominic, the original white rapper.
        Globalisation, Aid and Empire
        Who's aiding who? And why does might make right? An intense look at
        today's global empires, questioning the legitimacy of corrupt
        foreign policies and the altruism of foreign aid. Who are the real
        forces steering the wheels of the IMF, the World Bank, and the UN,
        and why does might make right?
        A Pen For Hire
        With the domination of corporate-sponsored media outlets, truth and
        integrity in journalism is hard to find. Are there any journalists
        left who haven't "sold out"?
        I Rule, Serve Me!
        How do the social structures of father and family influence the
        macrocosmic relationship between a king and his people?
        He Ain't Heavy, He's My Son
        An examination of the challenges parents face in a world of
        materialism, media, and work schedules that lend themselves to
        everything but parenting.

        Whereas before I wasn't able to advertise her workshops because they
        clashed with my classes, now, due to my enforced Sabbatical, I can
        promote Alison Ray's sessions, which are, or so I've heard, amazing.

        Afro Contemporary Dance WorkShop at The Place
        Sunday, 20 May 2007 at 13:00 to 15:00
        Alison Ray was trained in Contemporary Dance at the Laban Center of
        Dance and Movement in the early 80s. She went on to work with
        Contemporary Compagnies in England France and Denmark. Following an
        encounter with Master of Africa Dance Koffi KoKo, where she became a
        member of his company, she also work with him in England, France and
        Germany. Later she became a member George Momboye's Dance Company,
        where she learnt the art of African Dance and Expression. Alison
        has been working as a freelance artist for many years when she has
        work with Peter Badejo, Kokuma, Birmingham Royal Ballet, Millennium
        Dome Experience,etc. Finally a refresher course of Horton
        Technique at the Alvin Alley School in New York, enable to combine
        all the years of different dance styles into one movement
        vocabulary. She is now teaching Afro Contemporary Dance at the
        George Momboye Center in Paris.
        Alison Ray will be teaching Afro Contemporary Workshop at The Place
        on 20 May 2007
        The Place, Studio 7, First Floor
        17 Duke's Road, London WC1H 9PY
        Tube: Euston, Euston Place
        Sunday, 20 May 2007
        Time 13:00 -15:00
        Price: £15 advance/ £14 concessions

        If you are interest, please contact:
        Carolyn Lilly
        21A Melville Villas Road
        Acton High Street
        London, W3 5NGCarolyn @ 0208-993-7084 /07979464047
        Email: cj_lilly@...

        Many moons ago, I watched a concert on BBC4 where a Senegalese
        singer blew the audience away with his high-pitched vocal delivery.
        His name was Baaba Maal and he impressed me so much that some time
        later I found myself holding a couple of albums by him, 'Lam Toro'
        and 'Missing You (mi yeewnii)' (I strongly recommend the
        track 'Kowoni Maayo' from the latter). Both CDs have never left my
        CD player. This week's youtube clip is from a performance he gave at
        the Union Chapel in Islington in 2002 and it's a joy to see such a
        virtuoso singer displaying his strong vocal credentials whilst
        watching the skills of those two dancers on stage. I shall leave you
        now so that you can enjoy it yourselves, and then you can hurry to
        Alison's workshops after getting so worked up. Ha!


        It's not this space's policy to address politics. What this e-
        newsletter is about is letting people know what's going on out there
        in the Latin and African Diasporas. But I, too, have been dismayed
        to find out abou the imminent cuts that the government is planning
        to introduce in order to foot part of the bill for the Olympic
        Games. That's why I've included the item below. A lot of the people
        this e-missive goes to, are dance practitioners, dance organisations
        or individuals who work in the arts and many run their projects on
        shoe-string budgets, sometimes with no shoes, let alone strings. And
        it upsets me that one of the features that made London win the
        Olympic Games, its vibrant culture, has been sidestepped in favour
        of sport. And by the way, this is not about arts vs sport, I love
        both. Anyway, rant apart, with a 289-strong mailing list, I reckon
        that that figure of
        6, 000 something petitioners can be boosted. It's your call now.

        Dear Dance UK Member,
        You might remember a petition opposing road charging making
        headlines a few months ago – we have an opportunity to do something
        similar to oppose the planned cuts to Arts Council funding. On the
        Number 10 Downing Street website there is already a petition up and
        running which aims to:
        `Stop the chancellor using Lottery money to plug the funding gap in
        the 2012 Olympics. If this goes ahead at least £900m will go from
        Big lottery, Sport England, Arts Council and Heritage Lottery much
        of this money would fund projects within the local voluntary and
        community sector. Services to disadvantaged people will be directly
        affected by the loss of this funding, people who will have no
        opportunity to benefit from the Olympics directly but rely on local
        services provided by the voluntary sector.'
        This is opposing the reallocation of resources to the Olympics of
        which the 35% reduction of grants for the arts is a part. To submit
        your name to this petition click on this link: http://petitions.
        pm.gov.uk/ lotteryolympics/
        It has already passed the minimum requirement of 200 signatures to
        get an official response from Number 10 when the petition closes on
        16 September 2007. If it gets to 40,000 signatures it would make it
        into the top 5 most popular petitions on the site! Currently, the
        petition in the number 4 spot is `Continue funding for the Royal Air
        Force Aerobatics Team'. Surely in the arts world we are able to
        gather a similar if, not larger number, of supporters.
        Very popular petitions seem to generate responses from the Prime
        Minister prior to the petition closing, so this really is a great
        way to draw the attention to our widespread concern and opposition
        to the proposed 35% reduction in Grants for the Arts funding.
        Do forward this email on to colleagues, friends, and collaborators
        encouraging them to add their name to the petition.
        Kind regards
        Dance UK
        Helen Burrows
        Information and Communications Officer
        Dance UK

        And just before I sign off, a request to everyone and anyone out
        there who's heard of this artist. The other day I was listening to
        internet-based radio Radio Paradise as you do these days
        http://www.radioparadise.com/ and this track came on and it left me
        open-jawed. It was just beautiful. The artist's name is Ramasutra
        and the song title was 'Kwaidan (Ghost Song)' from an EP called 'El
        Pipo del Taxi' and yes, I did chuckle a bit at reading such a
        pretentious name. They have a website, but there were not downloads
        available. If someone knows anything else about him/her, please, e-
        mail me, especially if there's any free tracks involved (sorry for
        being cheeky!). In the meantime, if you come across the above track,
        enjoy it, I did.

        Chao, chicos and chicas

        Take care,


        07813 627 967

        If you do not wish to receive updates from me, please, reply with
        the word 'unsuscribe' in the subject box.

        'The best view is always from the mountain you've climbed'

        Grayson Perry (artist)
      • MLG
        In this issue: - Caribbean Dance with Jackie Guy - Afro-Brazilian Contemporary Dance Summer Intensive - Teacher Wanted for Half-Term Project - Cuban Salsa at
        Message 3 of 12 , May 25, 2007
          In this issue:

          - Caribbean Dance with Jackie Guy
          - Afro-Brazilian Contemporary Dance Summer Intensive
          - Teacher Wanted for Half-Term Project
          - Cuban Salsa at the Red Rose Club
          - Weekly Youtube Clip
          - Word from Africa at the British Museum

          Sun is shining, the weather is sweet,
          Make you wanna move your dancing feet
          To the rescue, here I am
          Want you to know ya, where I stand...

          And this is exactly where I stand my dear students, friends and
          community right at the outset of the weekend. With those immortal
          words from the immortal Bob Marley still reverberating in my ears I
          undertake my weekly task of letting you know what's going down in
          the Latin and African Diasporas in London (and sometimes beyond).

          The opening salvo this time around comes from a guy who I last saw
          at the South Bank a few years ago and in whose workshop I took part.
          And boy, did I enjoy it!

          Wednesday 13th June Jackie Guy leads his session in Caribbean Dance
          and history from 7-9pm. Confirm your place by Contacting Zela Gayle
          (Forum's coordinator) on 07946 551 537 Or email: inspiredbyluv@
          yahoo.co. uk
          Initiated by Sheron Wray, Feedback33 is a Dancer's Forum. It takes
          place every Wednesday at London Studio Centre, Kings Cross. Its a
          place to try new styles of dance, gain insight into the passions,
          challenges and experiences of various teachers, choregraphers and
          your peers. A fresh and friendly place to share and gain new
          insights. We support additional activites like dance theatre trips.
          £5 registration and £3 thereafter!
          Also see www.myspace.com/feedback33 for a full list of all teachers'
          The London Studio Centre
          42-50 York Way
          London N1 9AB
          Nearest Tube is Kingscross station

          artsdepot presents a summer-long residential Afro-Brazilian Dance
          Course. Find info below.

          The project's name is in_fruition and it will take between 9th July -
          3rd August of the current year. It's aimed at people 18 and over
          and it's a 4-week intensive training course with a panel of
          established dance practitioners. There will be 6 hours per day
          Monday - Friday 10am - 5pm. The cost of the courseis £600 for 4
          weeks and artsdepot is offering two scholarships to the most
          promising applicants. For more info contact
          talk@... or visit www.movementunlimited.co.uk.

          Read the message below from Jeanefer and contact the relevant

          Hello I am sending this email out for a friend who urgently needs a
          CRB checked dance teacher for a half term project next week, Tues,
          Weds & Thurs 29th - 31st May. The fee is £100 per day, working with
          up to 20 young people agegd 7-11
          within the hours of 10-4pm with a 1 hour lunch break, and an extra
          optional am & pm break. The project is run by Concrete Canvas Arts
          and is based in South
          Kilburn (nearest tube Kilburn Park on the Bakerloo Line).
          Please call Tanya asap on 07957 288 033

          You know what I wrote above about the weekend starting here? Well,
          it's true. Read the following post from CSC.

          AfroCuban Jam
          This Friday 25th of May at the Red Rose Club! The amazing
          Rafel del Busto will be taking our Rueda Class at 9pm and DJ's Sol
          and Shorty will be playing the best Cuban Salsa to keep you dancing
          all night.The Red Rose Club129 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park,
          London N7 7QG. 9pm till 2am, £8 Entry. Don't miss one of the best
          Cuban Salsa Club Night in London !
          If you are interested please get in touch by contacting Ibrahim on
          07956 976 954 or Caren on 07958 595 546 or email info@afrocuban.

          You know that feeling you get when music arrives unbidden? You know
          when songs tumble out of a car radio or drift over from your
          neighbour's garden (the one next door but one). You know it can be
          highly liberating. This is not music spewing out of a radio station
          of your choice or the nightclub you've wandered in with your mates.
          It's not either, the playlist on your computer realplayer or your
          iPod playing your own accumulation of songs randomly.This is music
          that cuts its way through the vast ocean of your memory, trickles
          down the threshold of your brain and snaps you awake. And suddenly
          you're alive once more.

          That happened to me a few years ago. And I want to share the result
          with you all, my lovely community. 'Cálice' was written and
          performed by Chico Buarque de Holanda and Milton Nascimento and it
          first appeared in Chico's 1976 album 'Chico Buarque'. The song was
          banned straight away by the then ruling dictatorship. The
          name 'Cálice' as I understood it when I first heard the song, was a
          pun on the Portuguese phrase 'Shut up'. It also means 'goblet' and
          I've always believed the latter to be the real reason behind such a
          heart-felt tribute to human hope and perseverance. The version I am
          submitting is not by the original singers, althought a different
          version can be found on youtube.com by Chico and Milton, although
          with altered lyrics, due to the censorship at the time. The singer
          is one of my all-time favourites, Maria Bethania, and I'll let her
          knock down the white picket fence that we have all, at one point in
          our lives, built around our music collections and that needs shaking
          up evey now and then.


          Word from Africa might seem to some a pretentious name for an event
          given the fact that there are many nations that make up this huge
          continent. But with someone like the writer Ngugi, whose 'Petals of
          Blood' has become one of my favourite books ever, on the bill,
          there's not a lot that can go wrong at an activity like this.

          Word from Africa
          British Museum
          Saturday 2 June, 12.00-20.15
          Admission free
          Join us for a day celebrating African languages and exploring the
          diversity of African cultures through literature, music and visual
          arts. There will be debates and talks on oral tradition, poetry and
          plays, music and publishing industries, education and translation as
          well as music, poetry and story-telling, including an intimate
          acoustic set from the lively, soulful singer-songwriter Coco
          Mbassi. The keynote speech is by one of Africa's greatest living
          writers, Ngugi wa Thiong'o.
          Admission free, some events ticketed
          TO BOOK:
          In person at the Box Office (10.00-16.45 daily) Telephone +44 (0)20
          7323 8181
          British Museum, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG
          Tube: Tottenham Court Road, Holborn, Russell Square
          For more information visit
          and http://www.bbc.co.uk/africabeyond
          In partnership with Africa Beyond and SABDET With thanks to the Hay
          Festival and the Arts Council

          And this is all for today, my lovely tribe. I'll be back next week
          with more news and another youtube clip. Also, I've been thinking of
          transferring this service, which I do gratis (just in case there are
          any newspapers editors reading this, I also do freelance, and I'm
          really, really cheap) to myspace and open a blog where you can all
          post your comments and we can interact more. Before I forget,
          please, please, please, make your way to Gallery Fore, 107 Fore
          Street, London, N18 2XF, 020 8 887 9500,
          info@..., www.enfieldartspartnership.org to
          enjoy Teleica Kirkland's first major exhibition as an artist.

          Thank you all, I hope you enjoy your Bank Holiday weekend,

          Take care,



          07813 627 967

        • MLG
          Sorry for cross-postings. In this issue: - The Guardian publishes my response to Martin Kettle s article. - New Issue of RicenPeas.com online. - Afro-Latin
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            Sorry for cross-postings.

            In this issue:

            - The Guardian publishes my response to Martin Kettle's article.
            - New Issue of RicenPeas.com online.
            - Afro-Latin Song and Rhythm Study Group.
            - ID Afrika.
            - Speak Out Project.
            - Brighton's Next Rumba Session
            - Cuban Carnival.
            - Cargo gig.
            - Capoeira round-up.
            - Summer Meltdown at Islington Arts Factory.
            - Youtube weekly clip

            And so we start.

            Dear students, friends and community, the Guardian publishes today
            on page 35 a response column written by me to an article featured in
            its G2 section last week by Martin Kettle
            (http://arts.guardian.co.uk/theatre/dance/story/0,,2094808,00.html ).
            Please, if you have the time, get a copy and let me know what you
            think. A disclaimer, though, I did not choose the title of the
            piece, that was a Guardian editorial decision and I'm happy with it.
            Still, I think that this issue raises very important questions about
            the future of dance in the UK in the 21st century. I would like to
            thank Joseph Harker and Julia Cook, the editors of the Response
            Column for their help and patience. Please, also bear in mind that
            this article was written in a personal capacity. Thanks and I hope
            you enjoy the column.

            Ricenpeas June online mag is available now on their website
            ricenpeas.com. They have just premiered a new documentary on Cuba at
            the Frontline Club and judging by Marcel Berlins' reaction
            the piece was produced in the same cutting-edge, independent way
            that has characterised ricenpeas' work so far.

            The unofficial Sunshine State in the UK, Brighton, has a couple of
            events that will have you all frothing at the mouth and hot under
            your collar.

            Afro-Latin Song and Rhythm Study Group
            Free weekly session every Tuesday at 7.30pm
            8 Picton Street, Brighton, BN2 3AP07970 212 933
            Candomble, Ijexa, Samba de Roda, Bembe, Guarapachangeo and Rumba...

            And we keep 'rumbeando'...

            Thank you to all who came for Limon's Brighton rumba both to support
            and to participate. It was a success and a great time was had by
            all. By popular demand we propose another in one month on Sunday
            July 8th. 1-5pm.
            Please come and enjoy beautiful lively Brighton and participate in
            the RUMBA again.
            (this time let's try to start earlier so that it can be a longer
            rumba as Limon does have a regular gig on Sunday evenings).
            To contact us; www.limon-afrocuba.co.uk
            saludos y gracias
            Los Limontas

            Well, there, you have it, sun, songs and... sand? Sorry, correct
            that, sun, songs and fun.

            ID: AFRIKA is a night dedicated to African cultural expression be it
            traditional, modern or a combination of the two. Utilising all forms
            of the arts; singing, dancing, poetry, acting and so much more each
            artist tells a story, the story of who they are and where they are
            coming from. As part of Africa Beyond this event will be
            concentrating on communication and interpretation from such skilled
            artists as:
            Naiada - An African cotemporary dance group whose fusion of raw
            dynamic and energetic movements would make you want to get off your
            seat and dance.

            Rich BLk
            Magda Sinit At five she wrote her first song in memory of her
            brother who passed away from a heart condition. She performed her
            first gig at 16 in a variety of show cases. Magda builds a bond with
            her audiences with her exuberant and level headed character and
            individual style. www.magdasinit.com
            Mensa is a predominantly London-based Soul/Hip-hop producer, multi-
            instrumentalists, rapper and dj.
            Maphisto is a rapper alter ego of it's own self. Maphisto is deeply
            interested in occultism, both modern and classical and his music
            relies heavily on polysyllabic rhymes and bizarre metaphors.
            Mensa bears no responsibility for Maphisto's work (which in most
            cases is uncensored and reflecting his (Maphisto's) own views).
            FUNMILAYO - (Foo-me-layo) Setting a cutting-edge contrast to
            contemporary pop music by people cast in reality TV shows, this
            artist is not only writing and composing her own music, but delivers
            her songs in a soulful, intimate performance. Funmilayo - talented
            and beautiful - follows her passion for music through live
            performances in London and New York, including the famous Joe’s
            Pub in Manhattan and the Jazz Caf.. in London. Her music is an
            eclectic mix of Jazz, Acoustic and Neo Soul that has caught the
            attention of the likes of Pete Rock & CL Smooth (Jealous Owl Rmx)
            and R&B sensation Roy Hamilton. Don’t miss out on seeing this
            incredible talented individual performing live!
            Breis (breeze) is a rap artist, recording his long-awaited debut
            album. Â His music is a fusion of various musical genres from hip
            hop, jazz, soul, rock and Afro-beat. Â He has toured internationally
            as a solo rap artist and with other renowned world music artists. Â
            His music has taken him all over the world from France, Amsterdam,
            New York, Mozambique to Guadeloupe, Nigeria and Japan to name but a
            few. In 2001, he released his first single, "Sounds so fresh" which
            received attention from DJs on Kiss, Choice FM and Radio1. Â Since
            then he has recorded with various groups and artists. Â In 2004
            BREIS released a mix-cd entitled Your favourite MC off his own back
            and continued working on his full length album. Watch out for his
            debut album entitled Student of Life.
            And many more look out for on the night...all the above can be found
            on myspace so search away for a little taster...
            This is an indication of who and what you will be able to see keep
            an eye on our myspace page to stay updated!!!!!
            Following the show let the rhythm move you with music from DJ CynD
            (Man vs Wife) playing the best of Afrobeat, soul, funk and more,
            joined by DJ Noorah playing Hip Hop, Jazz, Soulful house and RnB.
            If you have been to an ID event before I know we will see you there,
            if you haven’t you don’t want to miss it.
            Venue: Bullet Bar 147 Kentish Town Road
            Cost: £5 before 9pm £7 thereafter
            Time:2 am (show starts at 9pm)
            Contact: rougenoir_03@...
            Date: Saturday 9th June

            Places available now!! Open to anyone aged under 25.The SPEAK OUT
            is offering talented young creatives the chance to create a real
            mass media
            campaign for publc benefit .FORWARD presents a unique opportunity to
            about the latest in creative campaigning. You will get invaluable
            hands-on experience of using digital,
            performing and live arts, working alongside established CREATIVE
            industry professionals.The students will work
            in teams on a campaign proposal to then pitch to a judging panel.
            The winning
            team will go on a trip outside the country (Past winners were
            selected to visit
            Africa ) The students receive lunch and travel expenses up to 10/day
            and will
            make great community and industry contacts. All participants will
            produce work
            for their portfolios which will aid future job interviews and
            possibly secure a
            position as a result of the project. If you are available this
            summer for
            approximate 10weeks then please Contact me - CHRISTINA OSHUNNIYI
            07932439788 to discuss further or text with your name with the
            "FORWARD" and I will call you back or email

            The Cuban Carnival will be taking place this coming Saturday and
            Sunday 16th and 17th
            June and I will be performing Oggun on Saturday as part of the
            Comparsa. Thanks to Linda and Guillermo who very kindly invited me
            to come along and do my bit for my culture. Details are as follows:
            Southwark Park, the procession will leave at 5.30pm approximately
            and there will be lovely costumes for all to see. I'm proud to say
            that one of my ex-students, Andrea Greenwood has been involved in
            the making of them and I can't wait to try them on!The procession is
            dedicated to Jane King, who sadly died in January this year and who
            was a great supporter of Cuban Dance and Black Dance in the UK.
            Linda and Guillermo have worked very hard to make this carnival a
            reality. Your attendance will be greatly appreciated. For more info
            go to www.carnival-de-cuba.com

            Andy Wood and his Como No! are at it again!

            Andy Palacio & The Garifuna Collective DJ John Armstrong (Latin
            Vibe / Afriklub)
            Tuesday 19 June CARGO - 83 Rivington Street, London EC2 www.cargo-
            london. com Como No proudly presents the long awaited return to
            London of Belizean music legend Andy Palacio, after a 15 year live
            absence. Andy & The Garifuna Collective have received a wave of
            hugely enthusiastic reviews for their new album Watina (Cumbancha)
            which mines the African past of Caribbean Garifuna music to create
            something beautifully fresh. Tonight is the London live debut of the
            "Deliciously soulful, an upcoming highlight of the year." Metro "An
            immediate world music classic." fRoots
            "Part of the soundtrack that defines 2007 so far." Charlie Gillett
            "Invites superlatives. .. as revelatory as Paul Simon's Graceland or
            the Buena Vista Social
            All tickets £12 in advance + bkg fee more on the door Book Now
            www.comono.co. uk or from: See Tickets, Ticketmaster, Ticketweb
            Doors open 7pm.
            Andy Palacio onstage 9pm.Hear Andy Palacio at http://www.myspace
            com/andypalacio Check out www.comono.co. uk for other shows that we
            are presenting including: Willie Colon on 10 August, Bajofondo Tango
            Club on 19 October and Ojos de Brujo on 7 November all at the

            Sterling work.

            Afro-Brazilian culture in June:
            Sat 16th June @ Canning House for Timebanks Refugee Week event
            Sun 17th June 12.30pm @ Haggerston Park, Hackney for Sure Start
            Hackney's Father's Day event Sat 23rd June2.30pm @ Royal Arsenal,
            Woolwich for Greenwich & Lewisham Young People's Theatre Refugee
            Week event

            Islington Arts Factory
            Dance Summer School
            23rd July to 9th August
            Three weeks of fun-packed energy offering a range of dance styles
            from Street Jazz, Ballet, Afro-Cuban, Lindy Jazz, Caribbean Dance
            Fusion. For more info, contact Islington Arts Factory
            020 7 607 0561 IAF@...

            I won't say too much about the following youtube clip. I, too, had a
            lump in my throat and tears in my eyes when the video finished. In
            my case, it brought back memories of my Dad playing the same tune
            early in the morning in my flat in Havana. It was either that or
            Chopin's Fantasie Impromptu. But Lecuona has never failed to impress
            me. He was probably one of the first, if not the first Cuban pianist
            to marry our African legacy to classical music. And the fact that
            this piece is performed by two of Cuban most famous pianists, Bebo
            Valdez and his son Chucho, is just an extra bonus to what already is
            part of our heritage as a nation. Enjoy.


            And this is all for today, my lovely tribe. See you on Saturday,

            Take care,


            07813 627 967
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