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Live broadcast of July 19th 2011 binary asteroid Antiope occultation!

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  • Scotty Degenhardt
    All, After a year and a half hiatus from all astronomy, I am going to emerge from my cave one time to attempt possibly one of the most optimal asteroidal
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2011

      After a year and a half hiatus from all astronomy, I am going to emerge
      from my "cave" one time to attempt possibly one of the most optimal
      asteroidal occultation alignments one could ever hope for! (as a lot of
      you already know) A very bright star (5.8 red mag LQ Aqr) will have the
      already known binary asteroid (90) Antiope pass in front of it as seen
      from the Western North America:


      There are now over 80 individual declared observing sites spread out
      over more than 300km of earth's surface to watch for this bright star to
      possibly blink out in an effort to measure the shadows of both rocks in
      the Antiope binary asteroid system. The predicted orientation of the
      rocks can be seen on the IOTA Antiope Website below, and details for
      the coordinated effort for this monumental event are being updated
      regularly here:


      The question that EVERYONE always wants to know immediately is, did an
      occultation occur in the predicted path?! Well, if network
      communications and circumstances are favorable, you will have your
      answer immediately and LIVE!! As in years past I plan to once again
      broadcast my entire occultation multistation deployment LIVE on Scottys
      Sky. 18 of the 80 observing stations are mine. I intend to show my
      successes and even my failures LIVE as they happen. Here is the link to
      click on:


      BROADCAST SCHEDULE (All times in PDT. Add 2 hours for CDT):

      - Throughout the day of Monday July 18th 2011 I will be broadcasting my
      pre-event preparations as I ready my 18 individual sites.

      - 8:30PM I expect to be streaming live video and will give a live
      equipment tour.
      - 9PM Civil Twilight begins and as soon as I can acquire the first
      visible star I will prepoint the first station, then the action starts!!!
      - From 9:10 PM to Tuesday 3AM I expect to be on the road hightailing it
      to the next 17 sites to deploy.

      - By 3AM I expect to have deployed 17 of the 18 stations and will have
      arrived at my final location where I will broadcast the occultation LIVE
      at +59km North of centerline.
      - OCCULTATION EVENT sould occur somewhere between 3:24 to 3:26 AM!


      I will patch the video from my mighty mini telescope straight into the
      video stream, so you will be seeing exactly what the telescope is seeing
      LIVE as it happens. The star is expected to fade out for possibly as
      long as 30 seconds and fade back in. Depending on where the actual
      shadows cross and where I am standing we could see a shorter event
      followed by a second occultation. Also, since the target star is a known
      large red star it is quite possible if I were on the edge of the
      asteroid that the star may only partially fade and not go completely out
      because part of the star is behind the asteroid while part of it is
      still visible. I could also see no change in the brightness of the
      target star indicating that I may be right between the two rocks, i.e.
      both shadows missed me, or that there was a large path shift and the
      shadows fell somewhere else. These are all possible scenarios, but
      statistics tell us that we are 71% likely to see something (that is at
      least better than 50/50).

      Also, it remains possible that the target star is a previously unknown
      binary star system. This would mean that we might see the light of the
      star disappear in steps. AND it is yet possible that with so many
      stations set up that we might discover a previously unknown satellite of
      Antiope. Here is some more detailed information on what to expect:


      Join in on the madness, I mean fun Monday night/Tuesday morning July
      18th/19th! You even have the option of a live Chat during this event.
      Just save this link:


      See ya' there! Now if the weather gods and equipment gods can smile down
      on us....


      Columbia, TN USA
      888-687-5444 toll free to my cell
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