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Star catalog SST-R4 question The MPC station G45 (Space Surveillance Telescope, Atom Site) is using a catalog named SST-RC4 (flagged as 'R' in the observations file) for their astrometric

Mike Kretlow
3:53 AM

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Re: MPC Soft00Cmt.txt Access Problems ... Very appreciated also from the perspective of all software developers implementing and debugging the update process of MPC data. Thanks! Regards Matthias

Matthias Busch
10:44 PM

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Re: MPC Soft00Cmt.txt Access Problems Much appreciated from us all. Thank you for reconsidering the restrictions, and hopefully some control over excessive downloading can be found without

P. Clay Sherrod
5:46 PM

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Re: MPC Soft00Cmt.txt Access Problems Dear All, We have lifted the limitation on the Comets file for now. We are still looking for a solution that will cut out the excessive downloading of files

5:37 PM

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Re: Pffff... CometEls.txt vs MPCORB.DAT.gz Hello, Even with the latest version of wget wor windows (1.11.4), wget -N http://www.minorplanetcenter.org/iau/MPCORB/CometEls.txt always downloads a file

Ilgrande Beppe
5:03 PM

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Re: MPC Soft00Cmt.txt Access Problems ... Yes, that's what was proposed earlier as TBB, Tor (not TOR!) Browser Bundle. R.

Reiner M. Stoss
10:35 AM

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Re: MPC Soft00Cmt.txt Access Problems One could always use TOR to download files more often than allowed; slow and cumbersome, but it should work.

Darrel Moon
9:52 AM

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Pffff... CometEls.txt vs MPCORB.DAT.gz Hi, now, we can no more use wget (aka web-get) with the -N option to download, if newer only, the cometary elements file using wget -N

Ilgrande Beppe
9:01 AM

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Maxim offset tracking - more than the trackbos Hi, because it's important for NEO astrometry I ask the question in this group. I tried the offset tracking at Maxim and it works fine - until the trackbox

Feb 28

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Re: MPC Soft00Cmt.txt Access Problems Oh come on Dave....we are talking about users who are downloading virtually every second. This has nothing to do with complaints about MPC at all. Hopefully

P. Clay Sherrod
Feb 28

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Re: MPC Soft00Cmt.txt Access Problems The provider of a free service has problems with inappropriate access, and puts in place a restriction compatible with the frequency of change of the files.

Dave Herald
Feb 28

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Re: MPC Soft00Cmt.txt Access Problems ... It is one thing to understand that there is a problem and that it requires a solution. I doubt anyone disagrees that there is a problem. But the solution

Greg Crinklaw
Feb 28

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Re: MPC Soft00Cmt.txt Access Problems ... I disagree, given that the file only gets updated once a day, at best. A limitation, obviously. A ridiculously strict limitation, no.

Dave Tholen
Feb 28

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Re: MPC Soft00Cmt.txt Access Problems The policy says once every 12 hrs, unless the file has updated in between. What it doesn't say is what files it applies to (except that it does NOT apply to

Andy Puckett
Feb 28

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Re: MPC Soft00Cmt.txt Access Problems ... Allowing only ONE access per IP and day certainly points to "more server needed". Since that is a ridiculously strict limitation indeed. Imagine all those

Reiner M. Stoss
Feb 28
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