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Re: 1I error in ALCDEF

With the database generated by MPC for the ASO MPECsort program, when comet d'Arrest appeared on the data for the first time as observable, the ability to
P. Clay Sherrod
8:25 AM

Re: 1I error in ALCDEF

Since the code can handle "O'Brien", I'm sure its just a matter of tweaking things a bit. At least that's my hope. Brian D. Warner Center for Solar System
Brian Warner
7:33 AM

Re: 1I error in ALCDEF

And I predicted that it would. This is something that easily could have been avoided by simply leaving out all characters that will cause confusion. ... Dr.
P. Clay Sherrod
5:00 AM

Re: 1I error in ALCDEF

Looks like that apostrophe has started to wreak its havoc... *—J.L.* *LinkedIn * *Twitter *
J.L. Galache
1:37 AM

1I error in ALCDEF

I am pretty sure that this is a "Bobby Tables" type SQL error. In alcdef.org/alcdef_GenerateALCDEFPage.php if you search for 1I it comes up with 'Oumuamua
Nov 22

Re: Observations of YW14A15?

I got a quick reply from Bill Ryan at (H01) Magdalena Ridge, with eight additional observations. With that, I was able to link to the 2014 observations and
Bill Gray
Nov 22

Observations of YW14A15?

Hello all, This object was briefly on NEOCP, then removed as "not a minor planet". I can confirm that it's an artsat. I _think_ it's 1963-023C = NORAD
Bill Gray
Nov 22

Re: Is nasa.gov Down?

On 2017-11-21 14:00, 'Gerald McKeegan' geraldspace@... [mpml] ... A random nasa.gov page loads just fine for me. Are you sure your using https: Many
Nov 21

Is nasa.gov Down?

I have been unable to connect to any nasa.gov website for the last couple hours. All other web sites load normally. Is NASA having a server problem? Thanks,
Gerald McKeegan
Nov 21

Re: Asteroid rotation

It does, in effect, but not under that name.  We refer to it as "long axis mode" (LAM), as opposed to the damped "short axis mode" (SAM) of rotation.  If the
Alan Harris
Nov 20

Re: Asteroid rotation

... Although the rotation of celestial bodies has been under study for several centuries (and thus has a large literature), and although the basic physics is
Nov 20

Re: Asteroid rotation

The classic paper is Burns and Safronov, "Asteroid Nutation Angles", in Mon. Not. R. Astro. Soc. 165, 403-411, 1973 (if you don't have access to a copy I could
Alan Harris
Nov 20

Asteroid rotation

Dear all, I have some basic questions about the rotation of asteroids, that is objects rather isolated in space. Is the natural rotation of these objects to
Jean-Claude Merlin
Nov 20

1I/2017 U1 (`Oumuamua): MPEC 2017-W75 and another paper

1I/2017 U1 (`Oumuamua) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1I/%CA%BBOumuamua https://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?orb=1;sstr=1I MPEC 2017-W75: 1I/`Oumuamua
Patrick Schmeer
Nov 20

Re: 1I (one-eye) MPC db search

Yes indeed, O is used in the half-month sequence. But that's another odd decision of the Minor Planet Center. Why use the O (that can be confused with zero),
Jean Meeus
Nov 20
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