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32769Any new observations for artsat Spektr-R = 2011-037A?

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  • Bill Gray
    Jun 17, 2017
      Hello all,

      If anyone has gotten astrometry on this object since 2017 May 3,
      could I ask you to please copy the astrometry to me?

      This is a radio-telescope satellite, launched in 2011 into a high,
      very elliptical orbit, which has been occasionally imaged and reported
      on NEOCP ever since then. Pseudo-MPEC, and some comments, are at


      I just got an inquiry from a gent who plans to image this object
      (wide-field photography) when it comes to perigee in early July; he
      was wondering if the accuracy of the TLEs I've published for it, at


      would be good enough.

      I have a _lot_ of data for this object, ending on 2017 May 3.
      Normally, I'd say there would be no problem finding the object. But
      it's a (somewhat) active satellite. Because it's a big, light object,
      non-gravs make it less predictable than it ought to be. On top of all
      that, its uncertainty near perigee is a lot greater than at any other
      time (because it's both closer and moving faster). So I'd feel better
      if I had some more current astrometry.

      Use of JSpOC (Space-Track) TLEs is out of the question; they've been
      wrong by several degrees for years now. (I only compute TLEs for objects
      JSpOC isn't getting right or isn't getting at all; for high-flyers such
      as this, that's about half of them.)

      Thanks! -- Bill
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