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29344Re: {MPML} 2014 AA = small impactor

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  • skyweek
    Jan 2 8:25 AM
      > Well, we had to wait five years for it to happen again...

      But this time the first (and probably last) MPEC came out only hours
      *after* the (likely) impact - which occurred about 22 hours after the
      discovery and astrometry. What prevented "the system" (meaning all parties
      involved) from repeating the perfect 2008 TC3 success when the discovery
      was also made at Mt. Lemmon - with even a bit less time to impact, ~20
      hours - yet word got out immediately, tons of astrometry from various
      places was gathered, some 25 MPECs came out within hours and the orbit was
      greatly improved? No criticism here, just asking an obvious question. (And
      wondering whether doomsday asteroids have a better chance of slipping thru
      the guards on a holiday.)

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