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23459MPEC needs to be issued? (was Re: Nature of NEOCP object 04F0011)

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  • rstoss@catanga.org
    Apr 17, 2010
      > Make that:
      > "An MPEC needs to be issued on this target......"
      If the comet reports they have received so far are not
      conclusive enough, what is their choice? To announce a
      H=8.7 asteroid discovery in the Inner Solar System, in the
      year 2010? ;-)
      If we do not consider the objects in the Outer Solar System
      (semimajor axis past Jupiter), then we have only 301 objects
      that have H=8.7 or brighter. Of those, the one with the highest
      number is (4709) Ennomos, discovered in 1988 by C. S. Shoemaker.
      That's however a Jupiter Trojan. If we remove the Trojans too
      from the list, we end up with only 285 objects and the highest
      number is (1467) Mashona, discovered by C. Jackson in 1938!
      Let's wait therefore until the coma will expand and become
      visible, before announcing the "biggest" asteroid discovery
      in the Inner Solar System since 72 years :-)
      Especially since it would become invisible again very soon
      and therefore become "lost" (kind of paradox for a H=8 asteroid
      in 2 AU distance, isn't it?).
      BWT, no matter what it turns out to be, another great discovery
      by "amateurs". Yes, it seems to have been found at the right time,
      just after outburst. But considering that the professional surveys go
      to mag20 and are therefore blind to such bright objects (pixel
      saturation...), it is not even sure they would have picked it up at all.
      And if they did, then maybe only weeks later when the object would have
      faded again and the most interesting period would have remained
      Re. the discovery rules. If there would be a two weeks old ONS
      (e.g. mag22) in the MPC ONS database and they would link it now to this
      mag12 discovery, the survey which reported the routine and presumably
      uninteresting mag22 ONS a couple of weeks ago would now get the discovery
      credit. Fair?
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