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XC22469 = light-curve target

Hello all, Just a note that this will approach us within 77100 +/- 150 km on 13 February at 07:47 UTC, plus-or-minus a couple of minutes. It should reach mag
Bill Gray
5:52 AM

Another divorced NEO pair

Another divorced NEO binary pair: 2009 DW Display all designations for this object / # of variant
Matson, Rob D.
6:17 PM

Divorced NEO pair

Hi All, Recently discovered 2016 CY135 (MPEC 2016-C105) has an orbit extremely similar to that of Virtual Impactor 2011 EC: 2011 EC Display all designations
Matson, Rob D.
4:59 PM

From today's comics

http://www.gocomics.com/nonsequitur/2016/02/10 Grins, patrick 718
Wiggins Patrick
Feb 10

Re: Spotting Visitors

I edited out the names and sent the messages in this thread to Doug Turnbull, who writes science fiction. He sent me this: This would make a great discussion
Michael Holt
Feb 10

Re: Meteorite death?

... -- Dave Michelson davem@... Sent from my iPad
Dave Michelson
Feb 10

Object M50pxaQ

M50pxaQ was observed for all of 14 minutes several hours ago, which the minor planet center tentatively calculated to make a close approach in a little less
Feb 9

Re: APASS DR9 at VizieR

Yes, I'm sure there will be some 'funnies' that we will have to learn. One 'funny' I learnt last year relates to the astrometry for asteroids. With positions
Dave Herald
Feb 9

Re: APASS DR9 at VizieR

... I don't have my ear close to the ground in re GAIA photometry, but I think the two extremely wide passbands (several thousand Angstroms wide) aren't going
Brian Skiff
Feb 9

Re: APASS DR9 at VizieR

Thanks for this update. APASS has been an extremely valuable effort. Question - will it will lose much (most?) of its value when the relevant Gaia data release
Dave Herald
Feb 9

APASS DR9 at VizieR

It may be worth mentioning for folks doing photometry of asteroids that APASS DR9 has become accessible in the last day or two from the VizieR catalogue-query
Brian Skiff
Feb 9

Re: Meteorite death?

Hi Thomas and Marco, Maybe you already know, but the story circulating now is that the police determined it was a dynamite explosion caused by a small fire.
Bob King
Feb 9

Re: Meteorite death?

I spoke to a good friend last night about this event. This person travels the world recovering meteorites for research and  museums and he is telling me it's
Thomas Dorman
Feb 9

Re: Meteorite death?

Hi all I do not have any views from this particular case, but I want to comment on two previous event: - There is already a case of the formation an small
Gonzalo Tancredi
Feb 9

Re: Meteorite death?

Yes, as is typical, this story is all over the national news this morning, and they clearly show the "impact area", a lot of red clay covered in very small and
P. Clay Sherrod
Feb 9
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