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Re: [mowind] Meeting Topic - CLASSES

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  • Bruce Matlack
    Del Will look forward to seeing you at both venues. I will be in my motor home with the Painting of a whale on the stern. I stay inside the compound at
    Message 1 of 10 , Jan 29, 2012
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      Will look forward to seeing you at both venues.  I will be in my motor home with the Painting of a whale on the stern.  I stay inside the compound at Sarasota, and at Calema, outside the park at a commercial establishment across the street where I have worked out an overnight fee to park.

      On Sun, Jan 29, 2012 at 12:31 AM, Del Carpenter <delcarpenter@...> wrote:

      Ron, Arden, Woody, & Bruce

      I look forward to seeing each of you again.  I'll be at Sarasota and Calema with my own Kona board & rig. 

      If you need a Kona board & rig for charter for those races contact Steve Gottlieb at sailaero@... 

      I'm staying at what was the Banana River Resort in Cocoa Beach, also now known as Sobe Surf Resort.  I don't know if there are any places left there or not.  Joachim Larsson, Kona brand owner will also be there.  

      See the Kona Forum on the Kona website for more information. http://www.konaone.com/Forum/en/706/English/

      Ron, what I really hope you'll do is try a Kona board & rig, race in the Kona class and then switch.  

      Good winds,


      On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 8:32 AM, RONALD TROXEL <rktroxel@...> wrote:

      Thanks for the explaination.  I don't know if I'll make it to any of the Mowind events since both of the two events I participated in are no longer held. (Higgins and Toledo)  I am now in West Olive on the shore of Lake Michigan.  Between Holland and Grand Haven, MI.  I wish there were events closer to my neck of the woods.  Remember the windfest at Grand Haven several years ago?  The trips to Fond du lac were a blast but now that I'm retired, I don't feel like making the drive any more.  I will however be driving with my wife to Florida next month to catch the two big races down there and visiting with friends.


      From: Arden Anderson <ardenalan@...>
      To: mowind@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thu, January 26, 2012 2:04:50 PM
      Subject: Re: [mowind] Meeting Topic - CLASSES



      Formula equipment can be raced within the Open Unlimited class for MOWIND. A formula board may also be used with sails 8.5 and under in the Limited 8.5 class.

      We don't have a sepate formula class for the MOWIND Series because races are held in essentially any conditions within safe limits (i.e. no thunder, etc). We have found that even racers with formula gear will still compete on other equipment when the wind is not sufficient for formula. So, we don't have many (any?) people registering to race under official formula rules throughout the entire season.

      Still, formula equipment is welcome at any MOWIND event. Several people still use formula equipment when wind permits. Last fall mark Boersma had a great showing at Windpower Championships winning 4 consecutive races on formula gear when the wind went over 15 mph.

      Race directors may still offer a Formula Fleet or Formula division at any of their events at their discretion, especially at the events that are on the US Windsurfing National Race Tour.

      Ron, where are you located? I am thinking of heading to Midwinters also. Anyone else from the Midwest considering a Florida event this winter?


      On Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 10:51 AM, RONALD TROXEL <rktroxel@...> wrote:

      I will not be able to attend the meeting but I'm wondering why the Formula class is not included in the A Fleet and what will we be racing in with that equipment.  I plan to race in the Islandstyle Classic in Sarasota and the Midwinters at Calema next month.
      Ron Troxel

      From: ardenalan <ardenalan@...>
      To: mowind@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wed, January 25, 2012 6:07:46 PM
      Subject: [mowind] Meeting Topic - CLASSES


      I am starting this discussion thread to collect input on RACE CLASSES for the upcoming winter meeting Feb. 7.

      Reply back with your thoughts about MOWIND race classes.

      Current MOWIND Race Classes (each fleet generally has a separate start):

      -- no sub-classes
      * intended for beginners or people new to racing
      * very short, easier courses, with instruction from race committee or others
      * any equipment (could be a good place for sailing SUP)

      -- Men
      -- Women
      -- Junior (Under 18)
      -- Senior (not sure on cutoff, 55?)
      * Any equipment (another good place for sailing SUP)
      * Shorter courses

      - KONA FLEET
      -- Weight classes are available depending on attendance
      -- There may also be male/female and age classes, but I don't know for sure. Somebody from Kona can probably fill us in at the meeting.
      * Kona one design equipment
      * MOWIND Kona fleet aligns with US Windsurfing National Race Tour Kona fleet

      - A FLEET
      -- Open Unlimited (Any equipment)
      -- Limited 8.5 (Max 8.5 sail size, any board)
      -- Hybrid (Board must be under ~11 ft, must have centerboard, not sure if we include a sail size limit. Most sailors in this class have Prodigy or RSX. Last year we considered consolidating hybrid into Limited 8.5 and grandfathering the RSX 9.5 sail into the Limited class)
      -- Raceboard (Raceboard equipment: Max 9.5 sail size, 2 sails per event [we discussed 3/season], raceboard hull [needs centerboard and something like 320-380 cm length]. Only 3 people registered as Raceboard last year though many raced RB-legal equipment within Open Unlimited)
      -- Women (any equipment)
      * A FLEET usually does longer courses than SPORT Fleet
      * Open Unlimited and Hybrid align with US Windsurfing National Race Tour classes. Raceboard may also be added to US Windsurfing NRT.

      Chime in with any comments...


      "One Board; One sail - Kona One"
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