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Film Workshop: Telling Your Story

Ashfield FilmFest has some events throughout the year, in-between their annual film festival. They are presenting a workshop Feb. 3 from 3-5 in Ashfield, MA.
Jonathon Podolsky
Jan 14

film / filmmaker event this weekend in Northampton!

Short Film Screening (plus potluck & discussion with filmmakers) this Sunday June 11, 2017 at 1:00pm in Northampton, MA. Featured guest Jim Skowra;
Jonathon Podolsky
Jun 5, 2017

new group for Western MA Filmmakers

Hi Folks, This Focus Locus Producers Group will cap once we reach 6-8 members so I suggest getting involved early if you're interested. It's posted here at the
Jonathon Podolsky
May 4, 2017

Fwd: Northampton Film Festival through Sun. Tickets on sale now. Als

I'm going to the Star Wars presentation tonite. So much going on at the festival including films, virtual reality presentations etc. Sunday is a free film -
Jonathon Podolsky
Sep 28, 2016

Fwd: FREE Movies in Northampton on Wednesdays!!

Cinema Northampton presents free movies approx. monthly. Wed Nov. 25 is Pink Panther at 7pm, Academy of Music. Northampton Brewery has free movies every
    Jonathon Podolsky
    Nov 24, 2015
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    movies and geek events

    Brattleboro Geeks - new group! They have an event March 20 re to Anime Pioneer Valley Geeks and Gamers
      Jonathon Podolsky
      Mar 11, 2015
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      Noho Film Group -- Important -- Please Respond

      Hi Group, Over the last few years I've been organizing groups via Facebook and Meetup.com rather than Noho Film Group. 1) *Please reply to this email* and
      Jonathon Podolsky
      Jan 23, 2015

      Fwd: Invitation: Watch E.T. for FREE

      Hi Everybody, 1. Please see invite to free movie below 2. Noho Film Groups isn't that active anymore. Please join my other group, Western MA Movie Meetup.
      Jonathon Podolsky
      Oct 4, 2014
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      If you are interested in Star Trek, please check out the Western MA Star Trek Meetup Group . Thanks,
      Jonathon Podolsky
      May 27, 2014

      Fwd: Announcements: 1) Pioneer Valley Geeks 2) Springfield, Greenfie

      Hello, I am taking over the organizing of Pioneer Valley Geeks. Our next Meetup for that group will be at People's Pint in Greenfield, and we will be
      Jonathon Podolsky
      Jan 14, 2014

      movie events scheduled over next several weeks

      Hi Folks, Lots of great events scheduled over the next several weeks between Western MA Movie Meetup Group , Western MA Sci-Fi
      Jonathon Podolsky
      Jun 14, 2013

      Updates for today, and question about next week

      We have reached our RSVP limit for tonite's film, The Station, at Popcorn Noir. Reminder- today is the last day of the Pioneer Valley Jewish Film Festival.
      Jonathon Podolsky
      Apr 18, 2013

      ATTN: 3 Meetups this week (2 are FREE), also discussions after

      Hi Folks, Some of these were suggested by a member and recently announced to the group. I want to make sure everyone is aware of these excellent films. These
      Jonathon Podolsky
      Apr 15, 2013

      What's up this weekend?!

      Hi Folks, 1. We'll get back to scheduling some more film meetups very soon. Have been busy with the other Meetup groups I run, Dr. Who
      Jonathon Podolsky
      Mar 28, 2013

      Re: salutations

      Hello, There was recently a spam email that came through the listserv, so I changed the settings so that in future, messages will have to be approved first.
        Jonathon Podolsky
        Mar 21, 2013
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