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  • Jennifer Colton
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    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2007
      Windhorse Associates (windhorseassociates.org) in Northampton is looking for housemates
      to live with persons in psychiatric recovery. This is an excellent opportunity to gain first-
      hand, intimate experience of individual recovery. A great learning opportunity for any human
      services field, but also of interest to artists, political activists, and humanists of all stripes.
      Windhorse Associates uses a mindfulness-based philosophy in working with people
      experiencing extreme mind states, including depression, trauma, and mental illness in all its
      forms. Specific experience in this field is not required. A personal contemplative discipline
      such as yoga, meditation, a serious religious pratice or an artistic discipline is highly
      Time commitment is approximately 25 hours per week, which includes approximately three
      hours per day with the client participating in keeping a household; shopping, cooking,
      cleaning, watching TV, going to shows, hiking, etc. There are also team and supervisory
      meetings. Commitments to school or another job are a good thing, but should not exceed 25
      or 30 hours per week.
      Compensation is $650/month stipend, free room and board, and benefits.
      Please send a resume to jobs@...


      Kermit Cole
      Windhorse Associates

      Diverse and colorful printed material with no surprises.

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