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Will Bernard Update from NYC.......

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    Hey People, Gotta make this quick...... It s 3:30am & I have to be up for work in 3 1/2 hrs....ouch Anyway, Will has seen some playing time this week in the
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      Hey People,
      Gotta make this quick...... It's 3:30am & I have to be up for work in 3 1/2 hrs....ouch  Anyway, Will has seen some playing time this week in the big apple. Monday night we went down to the 55 Bar where Kenny Wollesen (drummer from Sex Mob) band was playing. Other notables in Kenny's band were Jessie Murphy on bass (John Scofield) & Tony Scherr on guitar (Sex Mob). Will popped in for one tune while Tony took a break during the first set. I forget the name of the tune but a nice little laid back jazz number... I wish we would of stayed for the second set because early in the first Avi Bortnick stopped in w/ guitar in hand as well as Chris Lovejoy. But it was on to the Baggot Inn where Dave Kolker was playing. Dave is an amazing guitarist from NYC who's really starting to blow up around here. Anyway, we got Will on for one tune to open the third set. It was a bluesy original by Kolker. Will played some SWEET slide that complimented Dave nicely. It was great to finally get to see Will play....
      Just got back from The Mercury Lounge where Vinyl was playing. Will got some quality playing time in w/ the Vinyl guys. They invited Will up early in the first set. Will tore it up!!!! I hate to say it but he put the Vinyl guitarist to shame.. =) He had some MONSTER solos that blew the people away. He finished out the first set w/ Vinyl. Second set rolls around & it was pretty much the same deal... They called Will up again early & he finished out the show w/ them. He was SMOKING tearing up his solos.....
      This show I managed to tape as well..... My buddy was running (FOB / Lip of the stage) Neumans (I forget the model) Omni split like 10-15 ft apart into an Apogee AD-1000.... My burner is down at the moment so I would need to send this tape west for the transfer... Is that cool Jon?????
      That's It for now.............
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