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Re: [mosling] Fw: TAM conference

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  • Andrey Shluinsky
    Äîïîëíåíèå îò À.Ë.Ìàëü÷óêîâà: http://www.ru.nl/pionier/events/workshops/upcoming_workshop/tam_tam_call_for/ Òàì åñòü äàòû
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      Subject: TAM conference

      TAM TAM: Cross-linguistic semantics of Tense, Aspect, and Modality

      Call for Papers

      Call Deadline: 01-May-2006
      In recent years, we have witnessed on the one hand an increased interest in
      cross-linguistic data in formal semantic studies, and on the other hand an
      increased concern for semantic issues in language typology. However, there
      are still only few studies which combine semantic and typological research
      for a particular semantic domain (such as the papers in Bach et al. (1995)
      on quantification and Smith (1997) on aspect).

      This workshop focuses specifically on the domain of Tense, Aspect, and
      Mood/Modality and it aims to bring together formal semanticists with a
      cross-linguistic perspective or working on lesser-known languages, and
      typologists interested in semantic theory, to discuss semantic variation in
      this domain.

      Particular issues that could be addressed in the talks include:
      a) core meanings and extension of TAM categories across languages:
      dimensions of variation;
      b) compositionality of meaning of individual categories, and challenges for
      (strict) compositionality;
      c) recurrent polysemy patterns across languages and their motivation;
      d) semantic interaction between categories in a particular domain
      (including issues of ''coercion'');
      e) dependencies between the meaning of particular categories and TAM
      systems (including issues of markedness within individual T/A/M systems).

      Especially welcome are talks which present cross-linguistic data in the TAM
      domain that challenge or enrich current semantic analyses, and thus
      contribute to the emergent field of semantic typology.

      Abstract submissions
      The deadline for abstract submissions is May 1, 2006. Abstracts should be
      sent to the following e-mail address: L.Hogeweg@...

      The email message or accompanying cover letter should specify all contact
      information for the author(s), including their name, affiliation,
      university or home address, and email address, as well as the exact title
      of the submission.

      The abstract should be anonymous and will be subject to a blind review. It
      should not exceed two pages, Times 12, examples and references included.
      Accepted formats for electronic submissions are Word, PDF, or rich text
      format (RTF). Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection of their
      proposal by May 15, 2006. A maximum of one individual and one co-authored
      paper is considered per author.

      For authors of selected papers there may be partial reimbursement

      For more information contact: L.Hogeweg@...

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