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Fw: [SLAVICLING:219] Second Call for Papers: "Second International 'Perspectives on Slavistics' Conference"

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  • Barbara H Partee
    See also the earlier announcement of the first international meeting of the Slavic Linguistics Society in Bloomington, Indiana, just two weeks earlier: Sept
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2006
      See also the earlier announcement of the first international meeting of the Slavic Linguistics Society in Bloomington, Indiana, just two weeks earlier: Sept 8-10, 2006; I will re-forward that one now as well. -- Barbara

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      Subject: [SLAVICLING:219] Second Call for Papers: "Second International 'Perspectives on Slavistics' Conference"

      Second Call for Papers

      The Departments of Slavic Studies at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and the Universität Regensburg are pleased to announce the

      Second International "Perspectives on Slavistics" Conference

      The conference will take place in Regensburg, Germany, September 21-24, 2006.

      The goals of the conference are to encourage the study of Slavic languages and literatures and to establish connections among scholars working in these areas. There will be three parallel sections, two focusing on literature and cultural studies, the third one reserved for linguistics. The linguistics section will have the honour to host the 6th Annual Conference of the Slavic Cognitive Linguistics Association.

      The following keynote lectures will be presented:

      Language Mixing and Language Separation in Bilingual Russian-German Children (Tanja Anstatt)

      Features: Slavonic and Typological Perspectives (Greville Corbett)

      Speaking from the Inside: Stories of Everyday Life in Russia (Catriona Kelly)

      On the Discourse of National Identity in Russian Culture (Renata von Maydell)

      Fundamentals of Ego-Linguistics. Self-reference, Self-centred Speech Acts, and Related Phenomena in Contemporary Russian (Daniel Weiss)

      Fiction and Individuality (Georg Witte)

      Submissions from any scholar working on Slavic languages or literatures are welcomed, including those in Slavic departments, as well as in specialized linguistics or literature departments. We particularly want to encourage young scholars to participate in this conference. Papers will be considered on topics relating to the diachronic or synchronic study of Slavic languages and literatures from any theoretical perspective. Each paper will be allowed thirty minutes (including 10 minutes for discussion). The deadline for submissions is April 15th 2006 (abstract specifications see below).

      Presentations should be in English in order to open the conference up to researchers working on non-Slavic languages and literatures.

      The participation fee will be 50 euros (25 for graduate students and passive participants), to be paid in advance. Detailed information on payment options & deadlines and hotel accommodation will be provided by May 2006. The participation fee covers the abstract booklet, other conference materials, refreshments and snacks. A limited number of participants from economically disadvantaged countries may be allowed free participation upon application. Please include a motivated application for free participation when sending in your abstract. In assigning waivers priority will be given to graduate students and non-tenured scholars.

      Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further details or questions (pos2(at)slav.fak12.uni-muenchen.de).

      Abstract specifications:

      The abstracts should not exceed 500 words (plus an additional page for tables, graphs and references, if necessary). Please use MS Word for Windows and Times New Roman or MS Word for Apple and TimesCE or Unicode text. Make sure to use the international transcription in case you work on languages with a Cyrillic alphabet. Your abstract should present a hypothesis and outline your plan for defending that hypothesis, i.e. it should specify research question(s), an approach/method to the data, and obtained results. Each abstract will be anonymously reviewed by independent reviewers.

      Please, send your name, address, affiliation and the title of your abstract by e-mail. The text of the abstract should be sent in an attached file. This file should not include the author's name. Submit your abstract to pos2(at)slav.fak12.uni-muenchen.de by April 15th 2006. Notifications of the Organizing Committee's decisions will be sent out by May 31st 2006.

      Prof. Dr. Björn Hansen
      Dr. Roland Meyer
      Universität Regensburg
      Universitätsstr. 27
      D-93040 Regensburg

      PD Dr. Imke Mendoza
      Miriam Finkelstein, M.A.
      Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
      Geschwister-Scholl Pl. 1
      D-80539 München

      Conference webpage: http://www-slavistik.uni-regensburg.de/pos/

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