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CONF: MTT-2013, Second Call for Papers

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  • Boris Iomdin
    (Full information in English below) Дорогие коллеги, остается ровно полгода до Шестой международной
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      (Full information in English below)

      Дорогие коллеги,

      остается ровно полгода до Шестой международной конференции по модели «Смысл ⇔ Текст», которая пройдет с 29 по 31 августа 2013 г. в Праге. Открыта регистрация и подача заявок (до 10 страниц на английском языке). 

      Дедлайн подачи заявок: 15 апреля 2013 г.

      Обращаем особое внимание, что на конференции предусмотрена специальная секция для молодых ученых, на которую в том числе приглашаются студенты. Для того, чтобы заявка рассматривалась на эту секцию, необходимо указать в графе Affiliation соответствующий статус (B.A. or M.A. student).

      Более подробная информация ниже.

      C уважением, 
      Борис Иомдин,
      сопредседатель Программного комитета конференции

      Second Call for Papers

      Full Title: Sixth International Conference on Meaning-Text Theory

      Date: 29-Aug-2013  31-Aug-2013

      Location: Prague, Czech Republic

      Organization Committee: Tilmann Reuther

      Program Committee: Valentina Apresjan, Daniel Weiss, Boris Iomdin

      E-mail: mtt2013@...

      Linguistic Fields: Semantics; Lexicography; Syntax; Morphology;
      Collocations and Lexical Functions; Computational Linguistics; Text/Corpus

      Call Deadline: 15-April-2013

      The Meaning-Text Theory is a holistic linguistic theory characterized in
      particular by the central position of the lexicon, the primacy of
      semantics, the importance of the communicative structure (= information
      structure), and the reliance on dependencies at all levels. MTT has been
      extensively developed over the last four decades with respect to its
      coverage of linguistic phenomena and application in a variety of research
      fields - in particular natural language processing. After MTT '03 in Paris,
      MTT '05 in Moscow, MTT '07 in Klagenfurt, MTT '09 in Montreal, MTT’11 in
      Barcelona, this conference is the sixth in a series that aims at bringing
      together researchers working on MTT and related frameworks and their
      implementation in the natural language processing applications.

      The main unifying ideas for MTT’13 are interaction and semantic motivation:
      interaction of different linguistic units, interaction of different levels
      of language, and semantic motivation of syntax, semantic motivation of

      Submissions in the following areas are welcome:

      *Morphology*, with a particular focus on semantics of morphological
      categories, including non-standard meanings and usages, and interaction of
      morphological and lexical semantics

      *Syntax*, with a particular focus on semantic motivation and classes in
      government patterns, description of government patterns in dictionaries,
      micro-syntax as a sphere of modal meanings, syntactic phrasemes

      *Semantics and Lexicography*, with a particular focus on lexicographic
      definitions, semantic scopes, semantic interaction of linguistic units in
      texts, lexicalization of prosody, lexicalization of grammar (e.g. synonymy
      of singular and plural in certain lexemes)

      *Collocations and Lexical Functions*, with a particular focus on
      semantically motivated collocations

      *Computational Applications*


      The conference will feature a special section for young researchers to which B.A. and M.A. students are encouraged to apply. Please clearly mark your status (B.A. or M.A. student) in your affiliation. 

      The conference will be organized in conjunction with the International
      Conference on Dependency Linguistics (http://ufal.mff.cuni.cz/project/depling13) to take place immediately before MTT '13 (August 27-30). Participation in both conferences is warmly welcome.

      Invited Speaker:

      Igor Mel’čuk

      Registration Fee: 150 euros per person for academics, 75 euros for students. Full information here: http://ufal.mff.cuni.cz/project/depling13/?page=registration_fee

      Further details available on http://meaningtext.net/mtt2013
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