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JOB: Postdoc in semantics, pragmatics or discourse

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  • Olga Nikitina
    äÏÂÒÙÊ ÄÅÎØ! Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS) ÉÝÅÔ ÞÅÌÏ×ÅËÁ ÎÁ ÄÏÌÖÎÏÓÔØ ÎÁÕÞÎÏÇÏ
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      Добрый день!

      Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS) ищет человека на
      должность научного сотрудника, который готов заниматься исследованиями
      и разработками в области семантики, прагматики, дискурса или в смежных

      Подробности см. ниже.

      Пожалуйста, обратите внимание, что это Natural Language Processing /
      Computational Linguistics, а не типология и теория языка.

      С уважением,
      Оля Никитина


      Postdoctoral scholarship available in the NLP group at the Heidelberg
      Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS) in Heidelberg, Germany

      One postdoctoral scholarship is available for a scientist working in
      Natural Language Processing/ Computational Linguistics, in particular
      in the areas of Discourse Processing, Natural Language Generation,
      Knowledge Extraction, Ontology Learning. Different topics may be
      possible as long as they are within the general interests of the NLP
      group (semantics, pragmatics, discourse, generation, see
      http://www.h-its.org/nlp).The scholarship will be granted initially
      for two years with the possibility for a one year extension after
      successful evaluation (please refer to
      http://www.h-its.org/english/info/ST_postdoc_scholarship.php for terms
      and conditions).

      The candidate should have a strong background in computational
      linguistics and possess a PhD in either computational linguistics,
      computer science, or linguistics with a specialization in Natural
      Language Processing. Experience with machine learning and corpus-based
      methods, knowledge about statistics as well as strong programming
      skills, preferably in Java, are required.

      HITS gGmbH is a private non-profit research institute carrying out
      multidisciplinary research in the computational sciences. It receives
      its base funding from the Klaus Tschira Foundation.

      The NLP group at HITS is an interdisciplinary research group that
      works on applications in the area of discourse and dialogue, in
      particular coreference resolution, lexical semantics, text generation,
      automatic summarization, and knowledge extraction from semistructured
      input. The NLP group at HITS works closely together with the
      Computational Linguistics Department at the University of Heidelberg.
      The postdoctoral scholar will participate in a jointly organized PhD

      To apply, please enter your application via the following link:
      (reference Postdoc NLP HITS-02-2012)

      Applications must be submitted by March 25, 2012. Please note that
      applications not submitted via the online system will not be
      considered. Inquiries about the position can be directed at Michael
      Strube (michael.strube (at) h-its.org).

      best regards,
      Vivi Nastase
      Dr. Vivi Nastase
      Phone: +49-6221-533253
      Email: Vivi.Nastase@...

      HITS gGmbH
      Schloss-Wolfsbrunnenweg 35
      69118 Heidelberg


      Amtsgericht Mannheim / HRB 337446

      Managing Partner: Dr. h.c. Klaus Tschira, Scientific and Managing
      Director: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Reuter
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