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[Fwd: Call for papers: SinFonIJA 4]

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  • Andrey Shluinsky
    ... Subject: Call for papers: SinFonIJA 4 From: Blaho Sylvia Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 14:06:38 +0200 To: mfm@lists.ed.ac.uk APOLOGIES FOR
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      Call for papers: SinFonIJA 4
      Blaho Sylvia <sylvia@...>
      Thu, 31 Mar 2011 14:06:38 +0200



      *Call for papers: SinFonIJA 4 (Syntax, Phonology And Language Analysis)*

      We are pleased to announce that the 4^th Syntax, Phonology And Language
      Analysis conference (SinFonIJA 4) will take place at the Research
      Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, in
      Budapest, on 1-3 September, 2011.

      /Invited speakers/:

      Daniel Büring (University of Vienna)

      Laura J. Downing (ZAS, Berlin)

      Martin Everaert (Utrecht University)

      Giuseppe Longobardi (University of Trieste)

      Abstracts are invited from all areas of theoretical linguistics,
      including phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, language acquisition
      and historical linguistics. Submissions from other areas of linguistics
      will also be considered, provided that the theoretical significance of
      the paper is clearly demonstrated in the abstract.

      For the conference, we invite abstracts:


      either for a 30 min oral presentation, followed by 10 min of


      or for a poster presentation

      Submissions will be anonymously refereed.

      Abstracts are to be submitted through ConfTool - see the conference
      _website <http://www.nytud.hu/sinfonija4/>_ for more details.


      abstracts should be no longer than 2 pages, including examples and


      the abstract text (excluding figures, examples and references)
      must not exceed 50 lines


      submissions are restricted to one single-authored and one
      co-authored abstract (or two co-authored abstracts) at most


      the name and the affiliation of the author(s) must not appear on
      the abstract


      the language of the conference is English


      page format: A4, 2,54 cm (one inch) margins on all sides,
      single-spaced, with a font size no smaller than 12, and with
      normal character spacing


      file format: *.pdf


      file name: use one word from your abstract's title as the filename

      /Important dates/:

      Deadline for abstract submission: 1 May

      Notification of acceptance: 15 June

      Final programme: 1 July

      Conference: 1-3 September


      /Website/: _http://www.nytud.hu/sinfonija4/_

      /About the conference/

      SinFonIJA is a formal linguistics conference that is organized each year
      by a different institution in the area of former Yugoslavia and the
      Austro-Hungarian Empire. SinFonIJA stands for Syntax, Phonology and
      Language Analysis. The idea of having a conference that would travel
      around the area of Central and South East Europe has been around for
      long, but it took quite some time before it was finally implemented.

      At the initial meeting held in Nova Gorica in 2008 (_SinFonIJA's website
      <http://www.ung.si/%7Ejezik/sinfonija/index.html>_) it was decided that
      we should continue with this initiative and try to really make it a
      permanent travelling conference. In 2009, SinFonIJA was succesfully
      organized in _Sarajevo
      <http://www.ung.si/%7Ejezik/SLG4_SINFONIJA2/index.html>_ and in 2010 in
      _Novi Sad <http://www.ung.si/%7Ejezik/sinfon_3/call.html>_.

      /Organising committee/:

      Sylvia Blaho

      Katalin É. Kiss

      Veronika Hegedűs

      István Kenesei

      Krisztina Polgárdi

      Ádám Szalontai

      If you have any questions about the conference, please feel free to get
      in touch with the organizers at _sinfonija4@...
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