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Partee speckurs at MGU starting Feb 17 at 18.00

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  • Barbara Partee
    I will be teaching a course on Formal Semantics and Semantic Universals at MGU this semester. There will be lecture plus seminar every Thursday starting at
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2011
      I will be teaching a course on "Formal Semantics and Semantic Universals" at
      MGU this semester. There will be lecture plus seminar every Thursday
      starting at 18.00, starting this Thursday, Feb 17. (I will arrive in Moscow
      on Wednesday morning.)
      I don't know the room, but I suppose it will be somewhere near the
      Kafedra office; for more information and for help with a propusk if needed,
      please contact Xenia at otipl@....
      As usual, we'll start with introductory lectures on the basics of
      formal semantics; then we'll look at research on semantic universals and
      semantic typology from the perspective of formal semantics, including things
      about quantification and about sentential and phrasal conjunction, and
      possibly some more topics.
      Everyone is welcome! Please help get the word to people outside of
      MGU who might not know about the course.

      Here is a condensed version of the ob"javlenie:

      Курс начинается с краткого введения в формальную семантику.
      Предварительного знакомства с формальной семантикой не предполагается.

      Затем будут рассмотрены некоторые центральные темы, связанные с
      семантической типологией и семантические универсалии, особенно в двух
      областях – (i) квантификация; (ii) синтаксические категории и семантические
      типы. Starting point: von Fintel, Kai, and Matthewson, Lisa. 2008.
      Universals in semantics. * *
      http://faculty.arts.ubc.ca/lmatthewson/pdf/universals.pdf .

      Курс ориентирован в основном на студентов 3-4 курса. Каждую неделю будут и
      лекция, и семинар (всего две пары).

      Некоторые темы курса:

      Introduction to issues concerning semantic universals

      Lexical semantics and formal semantics: different typological issues

      Typology of quantification across languages: “D-quantifiers” and

      Some proposed universals of quantifier meanings

      Languages without quantifiers?

      Universals of conjunction and disjunction; typological variation

      (Universals and typology in the domains of tense/aspect/modality (possibly))

      (Universals in pragmatics? Pragmatic typology (possibly)

      Языки курса: Лекции, хендауты – в основном по-английски. Семинары и
      обсуждения – по-русски и/или по-английски. Все домашние работы могут
      выполняться по-русски.

      Сайт курса: http://people.umass.edu/partee/MGU_2011/

      Планы аналогичных курсов можно посмотреть на сайтах



      * *For more information contact Barbara Partee:
      partee@... (anytime), 757-0108 or 8-915-212-8771 (from
      February 16).

      Best wishes,

      Barbara H. Partee
      50 Hobart Ln, Amherst, MA 01002
      +1 (413) 549-4501

      Tallinskaya 2, apt. 258, Moscow 123458, Russia
      +7 (495) 757-0108

      Dept. of Linguistics, Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA 01003-9274
      phone (413) 545-0889, fax (413) 545-2792
      E-mail (no matter where): partee@...
      Home page: http://people.umass.edu/partee/
      Sept 2010 - mid-Feb 2011: Amherst. Mid-Feb - August 2011: Moscow.

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