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Конф: Uralic languages and multilingu alism, Гамбург, 2-4 июня 2011 г.; п родление дедлайна

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  • Valentin Gusev
    Продлен до 20 октября срок подачи тезисов на конференцию Uralic languages and multilingualism (Гамбург,
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      Продлен до 20 октября срок подачи тезисов на конференцию
      "Uralic languages and multilingualism"
      (Гамбург, 2-4 июня 2011 г.).

      Тезисы можно посылать на адрес multiling.uralic@..., указав в
      теме письма: "Multilingualism".

      Сайт конференции: http://www.uni-hamburg.de/ifuu/multilingualism.html

      См. ниже описание тематики конференции.

      > *Uralic languages and multilingualism: contexts and manifestations in a
      > language family*
      > * *
      > The Department of Uralic Studies of the University of Hamburg is pleased
      > to announce the conference* Uralic languages and multilingualism*, to be
      > held from 2-4 June, 2011.
      > * *
      > *Description*
      > For speakers of Uralic languages the phenomenon of bi- or
      > multilingualism has been commonplace for a long time. Not only
      > numerically, but also regarding the diversity of constellations in terms
      > of interaction contexts and purposes, prestige and legal status
      > (involving also literacy vs. oral tradition), the Uralic languages and
      > dialects represent varied cases of multilingualism.
      > Within the frame of language contact studies, the problems were
      > traditionally addressed from the /langue/ perspective. Research
      > primarily focused on borrowings at different linguistic levels, i.e.
      > either in lexicon or in grammar. Socio-linguistic investigations and
      > (or, in the combination with) descriptions of the patterns of
      > multilingual communication from a discourse analytic perspective are
      > rather exceptional. The conference aims therefore to encourage new
      > approaches on multilingualism in Uralic idioms.
      > *Call for papers*
      > We welcome papers dealing with both theoretical and empirical aspects of
      > multilingualism involving at least one Uralic language or dialect.
      > Contributions are expected to be based either on new data or new
      > approaches of analysis. Possible subject areas are:
      > - development and manifestations of multilingualism in the Uralic
      > language family;
      > - socio-linguistic factors determining language/dialect choice including
      > language prestige, legal status and language policy, language or dialect
      > endangerment;
      > - structural and pragmatic changes as an effect of multilingualism.
      > The conference languages are English and German.
      > *Confirmed keynote speakers*
      > *Johanna Laakso*, University of Vienna: "Language contact in space and
      > time: Perspectives and pitfalls in diachronic contact linguistics".
      > *Anna Fenyvesi*, University of Szeged: "Minority Hungarians in Romania,
      > Slovakia and Serbia: Schoolchildren's attitudes to their languages
      > (minority vs. majority vs. EFL) and the teaching of these languages in
      > their schools".
      > *Submission of abstracts*
      > Contributions are invited for 20-minute oral presentations to be
      > followed by a 10-minute discussion each. Abstracts should not exceed 500
      > words (bibliography excluded) and should be sent electronically in word
      > (doc or rtf) AND pdf format to the address of the organizing committee
      > multiling.uralic@...
      > <mailto:multiling.uralic%40uni-hamburg.de> with the subject heading
      > “Multilingualism”.
      > Abstracts must be anonymous. Name(s) of authors, e-mail address(es) and
      > affiliation(s) should be sent in a separate document. The abstracts will
      > be evaluated.
      > The book of abstracts will be published on the conference website at
      > http://www.uni-hamburg.de/ifuu/multilingualism.html

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