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JOBS: Professorship in Lund, Sweden

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  • Alexander Berdichevsky
    (Apologies for cross-posting). Lund University invites applications for a Professorship in Slavic Languages, specialising in Russian Linguistics at the Centre
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2010
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      (Apologies for cross-posting).

      Lund University invites applications for a Professorship in Slavic
      Languages, specialising

      in Russian Linguistics at the Centre for Languages and Literature

      Ref. No. 953

      Starting date: August 1, 2011

      For information on the position, please contact Professor Anders Ohlsson,
      (tel. +46 46 222

      8467; email Anders.Ohlsson@...), Professor Fiona Bjorling (tel. +46
      46222 4787; email

      Fiona.Bjorling@...) or Head of Department Sanimir Resic (tel +46 46
      222 1406; email


      For information on the terms of employment and salary, please contact human

      administrator Lena Kandefelt (tel +46 46 222 7224; e-mail

      The Centre for Languages and Literature at Lund University (SOL) is Sweden's

      university department for languages, linguistics, literature and culture
      studies. The Centre was

      established in 2006 and is the result of an amalgamation of nine former
      departments within the

      Humanities Faculty. Housing 28 subjects and roughly the same number of PhD
      programmes, the

      SOL Centre is a solid foundation for broad and deep education and research,
      in both national

      and international contexts. Undergraduate studies are coordinated by an
      assistant Head of

      Department and five teaching committees and research and research studies by
      an assistant Head

      of Department and two research committees, one for linguistics and one for
      literature and

      culture studies. More than 250 people are employed and around 3 000 students
      conduct their

      studies at SOL.

      The Slavic languages represented at SOL are Russian and Polish. The Centre
      also offers courses

      on Central and Eastern European Studies. Research in the subject of Russian
      is currently

      focused on literature and there is a tradition of close cooperation between
      scholars in linguistics

      and literature and researchers in the field of Central and Eastern European
      Studies. Research is

      currently conducted on modernist and post-modernist Russian literature,
      language and national

      identity, autobiography, the poetics of memory and narrative interplay
      between literature and


      Linguistic research at SOL is conducted within multi-disciplinary research

      specialising in e. g. grammar, language acquisition, text linguistics,

      psycholinguistics, semantics, language typology, semiotics and cognitive

      The tasks of the advertised position are research, management and
      development of the PhD

      programme in Russian and Slavic Linguistics and MA courses, and supervision
      of PhD, MA and

      BA students.

      The successful candidate is expected to participate actively in the research
      and PhD studies

      environments of SOL but also in university-wide activities as well as
      representing the subject in

      national and international contexts. In the latter capacity, the successful
      candidate is expected to

      maintain contact with scholarly networks and develop collaboration with
      other subjects,

      departments and higher education institutions, both in Sweden and abroad.
      The successful

      candidate is also expected to initiate and manage externally funded research

      Knowledge of other Slavic languages is an added qualification.

      Native speakers of other languages than Swedish (Danish or Norwegian) are
      expected to have

      acquired, within three years, sufficient written and spoken proficiency in
      Swedish to be able to

      participate actively in administrative and other activities that are
      conducted in Swedish. It is also

      expected that the holder of the position will live in the vicinity of Lund.

      Qualifications: a candidate must have a substantial record of high-quality
      scholarship and

      research in Russian Linguistics and documented experience and skill in
      teaching and

      supervision in academic settings.

      As grounds for assessment, the extent of a candidate's academic, teaching,
      administrative and

      other skills of importance to the subject matter and the duties inherent in
      the position will be

      taken into account. Moreover, regard will be given to the extent of a
      candidate's skills in

      developing, managing, implementing and evaluating education and research and
      ability to

      interact with the surrounding community and to inform people about research,
      education and

      development projects.

      As much attention shall be given to the assessment of teaching skills as to
      the assessment of

      academic skills.

      Lund University has a policy of individually negotiated salaries. Applicants
      may state their

      desired salary in the application.

      The application must conform to the Instructions that can be downloaded at

      http://www.ht.lu.se/lediga or ordered from Marianne Edlund (tel. +46 46 222
      7226; email

      marianne.edlund@...). The application is to be addressed to the
      Vice-Chancellor of

      Lund University, Box 117, S-221 00 Lund, and must have arrived at the
      Registrar's Office no

      later than Monday, 17 May 2010. The registration number of this vacancy

      must be included in the application.

      By the expiry date of the application period, the documents referred to in
      the application (NB

      not books and articles) must have arrived in four copies. Copies of
      documents must be certified

      by two people with a signature, clarification of name and telephone number.
      Please note that the

      list of publications is to include ISBN and ISSN numbers.

      The Academic Appointments Board will make a selection among the applicants
      and ask a

      shortlisted number of candidates to submit a maximum of fifteen

      Equal opportunity aspects will be taken into account for this appointment,
      in compliance with

      Lund University's directives.

      Ex officio

      Marina Rochester
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