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3949[CONF] International Summer School in Language Documentation and Linguistic Diversity (LDLD):[CONF]

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  • Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm
    Nov 27, 2013

      International Summer School in Language Documentation and Linguistic Diversity (LDLD): 1st announcement


      The Department of Linguistics at Stockholm University invites advanced students (PhD. or M.A. level) in linguistics and related fields to participate in The International Summer School in Language Documentation and Linguistic Diversity. The school will take place from Monday, 23 June to Friday, 4 July 2014 in Stockholm (Sweden)

      The Summer School in Language Documentation and Linguistic Diversity (LDLD) offers courses focusing on various aspects of language documentation, description and support, from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Courses cover a wide range of topics, from theoretical and methodological issues in language documentation, description and support to language typology, from areal linguistics to multilingualism, from social cognition to the documentation of semantic diversity. In addition, the Summer School offers practical training in fieldwork and documentation methods, audio and video recording techniques, software for language documentation (such as Toolbox, Flex, ELAN), and digital mapping. The Summer School will also host a student conference on Friday 27 June 2014.

      The school will draw upon the extensive expertise of the four main organizing institutions:

      ·      Endangered Languages Project, SOAS, University of London

      ·      Laboratory Dynamique Du Langage (DDL), Université de Lyon

      ·      Centre for Research on Bilingualism, Stockholm University

      ·      Department of Linguistics, Stockholm University


      For more information visit http://www.ling.su.se/english/international-summer-school-in-language-documentation-and-linguistic-diversity/home

      or write to summerschool@...



      1.     “Fieldwork on endangered languages: the variety of speakers, actors of revitalization and role of linguists” – Colette Grinevald and Michel Bert

      2.     Social cognition and language diversity” – Henrik Bergqvist

      3.     Documentation, collaboration and revitalization in multilingual Central Asia” – Henrik Liljegren

      4.     TAME (Tense-aspect-mood-evidentiality)” – Östen Dahl

      5.     Documentation and diversity: semantics” – Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm and David P. Wilkins

      6.     Contact languages” – Mikael Parkvall

      7.     Linguistic typology” – Ljuba Veselinova and Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm

      8.     Linguistic diversity in multilingual Sweden” – Ellen Bijvoet, Kari Fraurud and Memet Aktürk Drake

      9.     Principles and Practices of Language Documentation” – Peter K. Austin

      10.  Language documentation and sociolinguistics” – Julia Sallabank

      11.  Technology and language documentation” – Anthony Jukes


      Plenary talks

      1.     Peter Austin: "Interactions and interplays between language documentation and revitalisation"

      2.     Östen Dahl: “Language complexity”

      3.     Caroline Kerfoot: “Indexicalities of ‘race’, ethnicity and gender: analysing data in multilingual contexts”

      4.     Johanna Mesch: “Creating resources for sign language: The Case of Swedish sign language”

      5.     Catrin Norrby: “Interaction and Variation in Pluricentric Languages. The Case of Swedish in Sweden and Finland”

      6.     Julia Sallabank: “Language documentation and language policy”


      Training sessions


      1.     Recording techniques”. Instructor: Mattias Heldner

      2.     Toolbox”. Instructor: Peter Austin

      3.     Databases, maps and mapping tools in linguistics”. Instructor: Ljuba Veselinova

      4.     Praat and ELAN”. Instructor: Elisabet Eir Cortes



      Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm (chair of the local organizing committee)


      Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm
      Office: Dept. of linguistics, Stockholm university, 106 91, Stockholm, Sweden
      Home: Västerled 166, 167 72, Bromma, Sweden
      tamm@..., http://www.ling.su.se/tamm
      tel.: +46-8-16 26 20 (office), +46-8-26 90 91 (home)