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Current events, or, "Life on the hard"

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  • Skip - Back on the boat, online over wifi
    Happy May Day :{)) I m on the boat more or less permanently until it s finished. Yesterday was reorg of the electrical spares and installation of LED rope
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      Happy May Day :{))

      I'm on the boat more or less permanently until it's finished.
      Yesterday was reorg of the electrical spares and installation of LED
      rope lighting in red and amber in the Vee (night and general ambient
      lighting). It's gotten far enough that I'm now - except in oddities
      like my having to find some batteries, which led to the electrical
      cabinet redo - moving aft and not leaving an area until it's finished.
      My continuous overhead reaching in the many-screws installation of the
      LED rope was a great workout on my shoulder, but I'm paying the price
      still, this morning.

      I hope to button up the bow entirely this week. Finished the anchor
      area last week, mounted the staysail stay and traveler topsides
      yesterday, too, and soon, it's (finish) replumb(ing) the forward head.
      I also reorganized the gallery so as to make it a bit more obvious what
      one will see when clicking http://justpickone.org/skip/gallery/. I
      think I'll reward myself when the bow is finished by deviating from the
      only-do-something-else-after-forward-of-that-is-finished routine to
      install my sculls rowing alteration to the PortaBote so I can get in
      some excercise and get accustomed to assembly/takedown/storage on that

      Meanwhile, since I'm here permanently, I'm (back) on the boat diet,
      which means that aside from the occasional high-calorie, meal-out
      deviation, it's a banana in the AM, an apple or two during the day,
      plus a big PBJ for dinner, with water or coffee all day long, too.
      Heart healthy, and perhaps before I'm gone, I'll have shed the last 25
      pounds - I lost more than that in my last full-time stint aboard last
      year, regaining some of it during my shoulder rehab... However, there
      are the occasional (very small) indulgences, plus usually something
      salty like crackers or pretzels on the odd time I get the munchies,
      helping replace the salt I sweat out continuously.

      Had a great day at the flea market on Saturday, scoring lots of useful
      goodies, including harnesses with tethers in three sizes, 2 (more)
      adjustable harnesses with dual tether on one, many other hardware
      items, including another pair of hook-in bases to allow two sets in the
      cockpit so that one never is unhooked when coming out of the saloon, a
      full set of bronze hanks for the riding sail we'll make, and a pair of
      wide-base non-skid insulated SS coffee mugs, one of which I sip from as
      I type.

      Yesterday was a winner on eBay as I got three SOSpenders from different
      vendors, all with harnesses built in, but no tethers. Had I known I'd
      do that, I might have passed on the flea harnesses :{)) - but you can
      never have too many anchors, harnesses, or other safety gear, I figure,
      or at least until you have all the expected crew outfitted and some
      spares on top. Now we even have a kiddie harness (came with the boat;
      we'd thought to give it away, but we'll keep it for grandkid visits,
      now). As you all know, perhaps with some irritation (due to the
      changing realities making for more posts on the subject than I'd have
      liked), our life raft situation will either be newly certified or new
      purchase. EPIRB purchase is coming up (see new post) - along with the
      registration of all the electronics and MMSI info of the new gear.
      When I get to the stern of the boat, I'll rebed the bases and attach
      the jack lines, completing our safety installations.

      With the house battery, windlass battery, charger circuitry,
      refrigeration and everything electrically, except the starter battery,
      buttoned up in the engine room, we energized the KISS wind generator.
      It looks like it puts out about an amp per knot, so far. During one
      stint yesterday, when the winds were relatively constant but some
      gusts, my indicated 16-20 wind was putting out 15-25A. Low wind makes
      for low activity, though, as it doesn't seem to start until 6-8 or so
      knots. Very quiet whoosh to it standing under it, and otherwise
      inaudible from 10 feet away, with rigging whistles and other ambient
      noise. I think we'll be good neighbors in the anchorage... My 360W
      solar array generally puts out - when the sun's up, of course - 3-10A.
      We don't yet have an (accurate) electrical budget, but our estimates,
      if these generation numbers hold true in the tropics (which should be
      better, actually), suggest we'll have ample reserve generation. I can
      say for sure that the over-charge shunt into the dual-element hot water
      from the KISS makes for very hot water!

      Launch day is still in the haze of the future, but it's coming closer,
      inch by inch. I'm hoping for some time in June, but until it gets a
      lot closer, we'll still not know. Depending on how much help I get, it
      might even be May (or it could be July!)...



      Morgan 461 #2
      SV Flying Pig KI4MPC
      http://tinyurl.com/nnskc - NOTE:new URL! The vessel as Tehamana, as we
      bought her

      "Believe me, my young friend, there is *nothing*-absolutely
      nothing-half so much worth doing as simply messing,
      messing-about-in-boats; messing about in boats-or *with* boats.
      In or out of 'em, it doesn't matter. Nothing seems really to matter,
      that's the charm of it.
      Whether you get away, or whether you don't; whether you arrive at your
      destination or whether you reach somewhere else, or whether you never
      get anywhere at all, you're always busy, and you never do anything in
      particular; and when you've done it there's always something else to
      do, and you can do it if you like, but you'd much better not."
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