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Smoothie - Purpose?

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  • kittyaw
    The following message was in my Inbox when I checked email yesterday after our return Thursday evening from our 2 week trip; my reply follows: hello, just
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2002
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      The following message was in my Inbox when I checked email yesterday
      after our return Thursday evening from our 2 week trip; my reply

      just happened to come across your smoothie recipe.
      one Q : what is it good for? i mean, is it meant to heal some
      specific ailment, or as preventive, or is it just a general healthy
      anti-oxidant, building up the immune system, etc.?

      [99% of our diet and life style regimen is not meant to heal or even to prevent any particular ailment. This is because neither of us currently has any (known) particular major ailment except the gradual accumulation of dysfunction which happens to everyone with advancing time. All of our actions including my smoothie, and Kitty's corresponding breakfast, are taken to reduce the rate of these dysfuntional accumulations and to similarly inhibit the progress of the many so-called "diseases of aging" (CVD, cancer, insulin resitance, cognitive decline, etc). The use of broad spectrum antioxidants in both food and supplements, and the promotion of a powerful immune system are major goals of those actions. --Tom]


      Welcome to MoreLife.

      If you have read other parts of our website - the Food section for
      the technical aspects of a good diet, one's primary tool for health
      and longevity; and our diet regimen - you will understand why Tom's
      smoothie is his preferred breakfast. It is nutrient dense and an
      excellent medium for addition of the various powdered supplements he
      takes in the morning. All of our food choices are made to maximize
      nutrients while minimizing calories - all with the aim of attaining as
      long and healthy a life as we can. Tom frequently reviews our practices
      against the scientific literature and our website areas are modified
      accordingly; changes to supplement regimens are recorded for review.
      We have begun the practice of linking to peer reviewed sources in the
      reasons for changes and will be expanding this to include all areas,
      not just for supplements.

      Additionally, Tom has been using this smoothie recipe - with a few
      modifications - for several years. A search of the LEF Forums from
      before he left as moderator this past January
      ( http://forum.lef.org/exec/searchForum.cgi?boolean1=1&keyword1=smoothie&boolean2=1&keyword2=&boolean3=1&keyword3=&boolean4=1&keyword4=&numFields=4&s_forum=&fields=Message&author=&action=Search ) yields 39 messages - several of these I know contain
      comments by Tom re. his own.

      [In copying this message to the Group, the link above does not produce the search results when clicked, but does do so if copied to a browser address block. **Kitty]

      Since your question is one in which others may have interest, I will
      be posting it (minus identifying information) with my reply to the
      MoreLIfe Yahoo http://groups.yahoo.com/group/morelife/ in the next
      few days. If you have other questions regarding items contained in
      MoreLIfe, this group is good place to ask. Thanks again for your

      **Kitty Antonik Wakfer
      Associate of Tom Matthews
      MoreLife for the rational - http://morelife.org
      Reality based tools for more life in quantity and quality
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