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Olafur's regimen and test results.

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  • �lafur P�ll �lafsson
    I would like to announce that I have now made my diet and supplement regimen available in the groups file section. I am providing it as an example of a regimen
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      I would like to announce that I have now made my diet and supplement
      regimen available in the groups file section. I am providing it as an
      example of a regimen for a 27 year old healthy male. A lot of the
      dietary items I eat and supplements I take I would also recommend for
      other people interested in life-extension. However which ones and at
      what dose will be highly individual and would depend on a lot of
      factors. Therefore my regimen should not be taken as advice, it is
      provided as an example only.

      I have also uploaded my blood test results from the blood tests I took
      in the US in April 2006 and March 2008 as well as a couple of blood
      tests taken in Iceland. While the most recent blood test I took was
      taken in March 2008 the diet and supplement regimen I uploaded is the
      way it is now in July 2008. However, with only a few minor exceptions,
      my supplement regimen was exactly as it is now and had been that way
      for months when I took the blood test in March 2008. The diet was a
      little bit different resulting from the fact that at the time of the
      blood test I was staying in AZ at Paul and Kitty's house rather than
      being in Iceland. But I tried making it as close as possible to what
      it usually is when I'm in Iceland so there were no major differences.
      Therefore the blood test results should give a good reflection of how
      my parameters are when I am in Iceland and am closely adhering to my

      A few additional points regarding my regimen:
      As the results of the blood test I took in March 2008 show my iron
      stores were very low at the time. Most certainly they were lower than
      optimal. This was unexpected since I had been trying to raise them by
      taking some extra iron for a few months prior to the blood test yet
      they did not seem to have increased at all. After having visited a
      gastroenterologist I was scheduled for various tests to determine the
      cause of my difficulty in raising my iron stores. Finally a
      colonoscopy revealed that I have an ulcer in the colon that caused
      loss in blood and the resulting loss of iron. This ulcer is exactly
      where my colon was attached to my small intestines when more than half
      of my colon was removed when I was about one year old. And this is no
      coincidence. According to the doctor such sites of prior surgery can
      be very sensitive to ulcer development. In addition the healing of
      such ulcers can be made difficult by complications of the surgery such
      as scar tissue and poor blood flow among others. Ironically iron
      deficiency could also possibly make it more difficult to heal. As a
      result of this I have been taking some extra iron to raise my iron
      stores. I did not mention this in the regimen file I uploaded since
      this iron supplementation is only temporary. I also was given some
      intravenous iron when the cause of my lack of response to iron
      supplements was not know yet, before it was ruled out that I had any
      problems absorbing iron. According to the advice of the doctor I am
      now taking a modified release glucocorticoid drug called Budesonide
      and will be doing so for almost the rest of the year in hope that it
      will help the ulcer to heal. I have stopped taking the low dose
      aspirin I usually take until it has healed because, being a COX-1
      inhibitor, it can potentially impair healing of the ulcer. I will
      start taking it again when/if the ulcer has healed. I have also
      stopped taking the curcumin supplement I take that contains 3mg of
      piperine because the piperine in it might interfere with the
      metabolism of Budesonide possibly increasing it's systemic half life.
      I sure don't want that since it might increase the side effects of it.
      I will start taking the curcumin/piperine supplement again once I have
      finished taking this drug. These changes were not mentioned in my
      regimen file since these are all temporary changes in my regimen.

      BTW my brother Egill just uploaded his blood test results. He did not
      upload his regimen though since it is basically the same as mine in
      every aspect so there is no need to upload it also. Note that Egill is
      my identical twin brother. This can be seen clearly when comparing our
      blood test results. Many of the parameters are strikingly similar
      between the two of us. For most of the hormones f.ex. there isn't a
      significant difference between the two of us considering daily
      fluctuations in their levels and the fact that the methods used to
      determine many of these are only accurate to +-25% or so.

      Note that I am a value for value trader. Nothing I post here or
      elsewhere is free in the sense that I post it expecting nothing in
      return. If anyone gains value from the information I have posted to
      the group or made available in the files section I would appreciate it
      if he would return some of that value back to me in one form or another.

      I welcome any questions or comments relating to my regimen and test

    • François ROSE
      Hi Oli Thanks for this report about your diet. Possible spelling mistake: Poplicosanol (sic) - 6mg I read in sle here: http://tinyurl.com/6opk69 that you ve
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        Hi Oli

        Thanks for this report about your diet.

        Possible spelling mistake: Poplicosanol (sic) - 6mg

        I read in sle here: http://tinyurl.com/6opk69 that you've changed your
        intake of creatine up to 6g /day
        However it is written 3g/day in your file!!

        François Rose
      • Ólafur Páll Ólafsson
        ... You re right, that was supposed to read Policosanol. Thanks, I ve fixed that error now. BTW, FYI policosanol is one of those supplements I would not bother
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          --- In morelife@yahoogroups.com, François ROSE <fr.rose@...> wrote:
          > Hi Oli
          > Thanks for this report about your diet.
          > Possible spelling mistake: Poplicosanol (sic) - 6mg

          You're right, that was supposed to read Policosanol. Thanks, I've
          fixed that error now.

          BTW, FYI policosanol is one of those supplements I would not bother
          taking if I had to take them separately. The main reason I take it is
          because I can add it to my customcapsule mix at almost no cost. The
          main reason it is so cheap is because 6mg is such a small amount. If I
          would buy a policosanol supplement separately containing 6mg of
          policosanol per capsule it would cost much more because most of the
          capsule would consist of a filler and also because I'd have to pay for
          an additional bottle and to ship all the extra weight. 6mg of
          policosanol added to my customcapsule mix on the other hand takes
          almost no room in the capsule and there is no need to add a filler
          (the capsule already contains plenty of ingredients to fill it up) so
          it comes out very cheap and convenient since there's no need to take
          any extra capsules.

          The main benefit I'm interested in, with respect to the policosanol,
          is that it may increase HDL cholesterol, and mine isn't as high as I'd
          like it to be. Also of importance is that policosanol has been shown
          to be virtually free of side effects and non toxic in animal studies
          in doses more than 1000 times higher than that normally used in
          humans. The dose I take is also quite moderate, AFAIK most human
          studies use doses in the range of 5-20mg.

          > I read in sle here: http://tinyurl.com/6opk69 that you've changed your
          > intake of creatine up to 6g /day
          > However it is written 3g/day in your file!!

          After making that statement I did some more thinking over this and
          reversed my decision to up my dose to 6g per day. I did so before
          ordering more of the custom whey protein mixture I take that contains
          the creatine I take. So I ended up never increasing my dose at all.
          Even though creatine is a relatively cheap supplement I still do not
          think the potential benefits from taking a higher dose outweigh the
          added cost and the potential negative effects for me. There are
          several reasons for this.

          The concentration of creatine in the blood in humans has been reported
          to be very low. About 95% of the creatine in humans is found in
          skeletal muscle, the remaining 5% is found in the brain, liver,
          kidney, and testes. Creatine is transported to these tissues by the
          creatine transporter. The creatine transporter serves to distribute
          creatine throughout the body, but research suggests that once creatine
          is intracellular, it appears to be locked in the muscle, being unable
          to diffuse out or diffusing out at an extremely slow rate. This is why
          studies on humans show a rapid increase in intramuscular creatine
          stores in response to high dose creatine supplementation with a
          saturation in intramusclar stores within a few days. The saturation
          has been hypotethized to be caused by downregulation of creatine
          transporter number or function.

          The main route of degradation of creatine in the body is by it's
          degradation to creatinine which is then eliminated by the kidneys. In
          a 70kg human with a total creatine pool of approximately 120g this
          appears at a rate of approximately 2g of creatine per day. With
          respect to this the authors of http://pmid.us/12793840 stated the

          "Given a half-life of 40 days and an upper limit of 160 mmol/kg dry
          mass (20 g/kg dry mass), then about 2.5–3 g/day will be lost and
          therefore ingesting 2–3 g/day may be sufficient to maintain saturated
          muscle stores."

          In line with this research has shown that after initially giving
          humans 20g of creatine a day for 5-6 days muscle creatine stores
          become saturated and can be maintained thereafter by supplementation
          of only 2g of creatine daily in healthy humans http://pmid.us/8828669
          http://pmid.us/12660409 . Given that 95% of creatine is found in
          muscle tissues and that creatine is transported to the brain, liver,
          kidney, and testes by the creatine receptor, the same transporter
          responsible for transporting it into muscle tissue, it seems logical
          to me that once muscle tissue creatine stores are saturated the
          tissues of the brain, liver, kidney, and testes are likely to be
          saturated also. Therefore I do not think there will be any significant
          additional benefits from taking a dose of creatine that is higher than
          that needed to saturate intramuscular stores. Large doses beyond that
          needed to saturate intramuscular stores would most likely just
          contribute to elevating blood levels of creatine. And all the major
          benefits of creatine of which I am aware come from higher levels of
          intracellular creatine not that of creatine circulating in the blood.
          Based on all this I think taking any more creatine than that needed to
          saturate intramuscular creatine stores is most likely a waste of
          money. Given that 2-3g of creatine appears to be enough to saturate
          and maintain intramuscular creatine stores, and based on the fact that
          I already get approximately 1g of creatine daily from my diet (from
          meat and fish), I think taking an additional 3g daily as a supplement
          should be plenty for me to keep my creatine stores saturated.

          I would also like to point out that people differ in their response to
          creatine supplementation. Increase in intramuscular creatine stores is
          usually accompanied by an increase in intracellular water content. As
          a result of this it is quite common for people to quickly gain 1-2kg
          of weight when loading on creatine, most of it of course being
          intramuscular water. However this response is very individual and
          while some people experience such weight gains in response to creatine
          supplementation, others do not, or experience a much milder weight
          gain. The explanation for this difference in response between
          different individuals has been proposed to be that some people may
          have higher creatine levels to start with and thus may already be
          close to having saturated stores. Such individuals will not experience
          as much of an increase in intracellular creatine and the accompanying
          water gain. I appear to be one of those people. A few times in the
          past I have loaded up on creatine (by taking 20g a day for a few days
          before going on a maintenance dose), and so has Egill, my twin
          brother, but neither of us has ever experienced any weight gain as a
          result from this despite monitoring our weight closely. This suggests
          that perhaps our stores are close to being saturated to begin with.
          Possible reasons for this might be that we are already producing
          plenty of creatine endogenously (creatine is synthesized in the liver,
          kidney and pancreas), that we already get sufficient amounts of it
          from our diet, or that we have high number of creatine transporters in
          our muscles. In any case this is another reason I think that for me
          taking more than 3 grams daily is probably a waste of money. Of course
          if I had more money and/or were much older I might take a higher dose.

          BTW much of the factual information in the above writing on creatine
          was taken from the full text articles of http://pmid.us/18022765 and
          http://pmid.us/12793840 . Unfortunately neither of these has a free
          full text access, but for those interested here is a good one I
          recommend that does http://pmid.us/11356982 .
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