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Hyperlinks on Self-sip not working

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  • Lndsy Nicole
    Hello Paul and Kitty, I m writing to let you know that one of your hyperlinks is not working. On the webpage: http://selfsip.org/critiques/ when I click on
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 3, 2006
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      Hello Paul and Kitty,
      I'm writing to let you know that one of your hyperlinks is not working. On the webpage: http://selfsip.org/critiques/ when I click on the link Some excerpts from Thoreau it simply takes me to the top of the same page.

      [I was pretty sure I knew what your problem was but I immediately tried the link just in case.... I had no problem getting the link to go to Strike the Root, although my code did not display a title for the link. Since the link is working, it sounds like you did not have JavaScript turned on when you went to the page above. Your message has emphasized to me the need to have a JavaScript turn-on notice on at least all major SelfSIP pages. Therefore I have done just that and now anyone going to any of the index pages for the homepage and subsections of the Self-Sovereign Individual Project who does not have JavaScript enabled on their computer will see the following:
      "Your browser has JavaScript turned off.
      You will only be able to make use of major features of the Self-Sovereign Individual Project if you turn JavaScript on."

      Virtually all the outside links and even certain ones internal to SelfSIP have been done in JavaScript so that the reader's main window remains in place and the referenced item opens (when the link is clicked) in a minor window. (The article Paul wrote on Thoreau was done before SelfSIP.org existed and correctly should be a direct link, not one in a minor window - I have changed the coding so that this occurs.)

      [We have used a minor (small) window for many links because they are essentially only references and we did not want the reader to not be able to see the original page from which s/he comes at SelfSIP while reading the referenced link. We have done the same thing for definitions and for literature references within MoreLife. We do this to help the reader not lose track of where s/he is and be able to continue focusing on the original that s/he was reading. This is particularly necessary on the SelfSIP pages which require a lot of focused deep thought. --Paul]

      Many people disable JavaScript on their computers because they have read that this software coding method is responsible for virus spread on computers. Coding is not "responsible" for anything, good or bad. It is people who create computer viruses who are responsible for the havoc that occurs and can be spread with executable coding, of which JavaScript is one.

      Everything directly on SelfSIP.org is code-created by Paul and me, and only uploaded by me. We do provide links to some outside sites, but they are all ones that I have personally reviewed (and often Paul too). We have found that the use of JavaScript enables us to provide the information contained on SelfSIP.org (as well as MoreLife.org) in a manner that is user convenient for presentation and is relatively easy for both of us to do. While there exist other programming tools that may very well allow for similarly convenient page presentation, they all require a fair amount of familiarity which means time in learning it. Almost a year ago I received an email from a person complaining that MoreLife used JavaScript; here is what I responded:

      > From: XXX [deleted by Kitty]
      > Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2005 5:32 PM
      > To: kitty@...
      > Subject: Morelife - Questions/Comments - Food your site requires
      > JavaScript.
      > your site requires JavaScript.
      > I have disabled JavaScript in my browser due to security reasons.
      > All past browser vulnerabilities required JavaScript.

      I appreciate your desire to keep your computer functioning at full capability. However, don't accept computer viruses as a fact of reality, a product of a non-thinking nature/universe. They are created by evil thinking/doing people.
      You likely have the option to click the Trusted Sites icon (or equivalent) in your browser for MoreLife and Self-SIP. If you don't think you can trust us, then first do your research on us at other locations. That's a viable alternative always open to you and others since we are very public people.

      > Please don't make using JavaScript mandatory.

      There is nothing "mandatory" about using JavaScript in order to enter the MoreLife and Self-SIP websites. We cannot and would not attempt to force anyone to JavaScript enable their browsers. We (I and my husband Paul Wakfer) simply make it clear to viewers that they will not be able to make full use of the site if they do not enable JavaScript.

      > Here is an example that does not:
      > http://www.netrition.com/
      > http://www.iherb.com

      Both of these are pure sales sites with a large income stream (perhaps you didn't notice that we don't sell any products on MoreLife.org - or SelfSIP.org), plenty of staff and likely even outside computer software consultants. We are 2 people only from start to finish of everything at MoreLife and SelfSIP - there is no one else behind the scene writing code. If you want to provide coding as a value for value payment (see http://morelife.org/supporting.html ) for an alternative to JavaScript for *everything* that it allows us to do, that would be great - and you'd have public recognition of your real support for our efforts.

      > Attachments and web sites that require JavaScript and java are
      > the way viruses propagate.
      > Without them, viruses cannot propagate.

      And without people who would do harm to others, without this impractical penchant for a "commons" Internet with mostly flat rate charging and with the help of all those who currently do not socially preference against such doers of harm, there would be no computer viruses.

      [And with more people requiring complete mandatory identification of all those with whom they interface. --Paul]

      > Thanks in advance.
      > Thank you very much.
      > If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
      > Thanks, [name and address deleted by Kitty; s/he is a member of the instructional and electronics support staff at Berkley University California]
      > http://inst.eecs.berkeley.edu [specific page for this person deleted by Kitty]
      > Please don't send me attachment files.
      > Please include a meaningful subject in your email
      > Visualize that the smoke of cigarettes is unpleasant to other people.
      > Visualize that peoples' civic duties do NOT include having to breathe the
      > smoke from cigarettes.
      > Visualize that astrologers, fortune tellers, tarot card readers,
      > psychics and palm readers are Crooks, Fools or Both.
      > Visualize using the Metric System.
      > Visualize that Skepticism is a virtue and that faith is NOT.

      Your "Visualize" lines demonstrate some reasoned thinking on certain subjects - there is, however, much more to the one about "civic duties" and smoking than that snippet even attempts to cover. If you are interested in the foundational principles of liberty (including those related to that snippet), see http://selfsip.org

      **Kitty Antonik Wakfer

      MoreLife for the rational - http://morelife.org
      Reality based tools for more life in quantity and quality
      Self-Sovereign Individual Project - http://selfsip.org
      Rational freedom by self-sovereignty & social contracting

      I received no response to my reply to this person's complaint. BTW s/he isn't the first person with "suggestions" of how Paul and I should do things differently on our websites, but none of these individuals have ever offered to provide any of their time for assistance.

      If some truly programming knowledgeable person(s) offered to do coding for us that would support the type of information on both SelfSIP.org and MoreLife and that meets our desires for presentation and ease of maintenance without using JavaScript, we would be pleased to see if we could work out an arrangement.

      In the meantime - which could be quite awhile - I hope that having the notice that JavaScript enabling is needed for full website functioning will prompt those who have turned it off, to turn JavaScript back on while they are viewing SelfSIP.org and MoreLife.org **Kitty]

      I'll be continuing to explore the site, so if I find anymore links that are not working I'll be sure to let you know.

      [By all means please do, since periodically another site will change their coding for a page or simply eliminate content. In either case the link will no longer work and I don't know it unless I happen to check or someone writes me. So I do appreciate being told that a link is not working. **Kitty]

      Also, Kitty, I'm still planning to respond to the Candida posting on morelife since I have more news (although, not much more success).

      [Please do. I hope that you have updated the Nurse Practitioner you used. If she is serious about her profession she will be interested in helping you solve the problem. If she is not, then you might want to find a replacement. Either way, I hope you will continue to do your own research on the subject. **Kitty]

      It may take me a little while as I have been busy recently with much self-exploration.

      [Since happiness is the purpose of each individual's life, self-exploration is part of the process for determining how to go about optimally increasing it. The fact that you are doing self-exploration is commendable. Writing one's thoughts can be a very beneficial method for exploring one's self, also referred to as introspection. If you'd like to share what you discover or just bounce some ideas off of us, please feel free to make a post. It is likely than many others will benefit from your experience.
      I have used Kitty Reflects in this manner, although I've been so busy with topic-specific articles in the past year (as well as numerous other tasks) that until recently I hadn't made an entry there in many months. I do have another that I'll upload soon that is along the line of self-exploration. **Kitty]

      "talk" to you soon,
      Lindsey Sherman

      [Looking forward to it ;>) **Kitty]
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