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Re: [mopar33lv6] Re: Electrical problem in 93' Imperial . . . and it persists.

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  • Scott Crowell
    I m no electronics wiz, but it sounds like it is a capacitor problem. I have a feeling that it is in the dashboard, and someone with the right test equipment
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      I'm no electronics wiz, but it sounds like it is a capacitor problem. I have a feeling that it is in the dashboard, and someone with the right test equipment can check it. It is really easy to remove and if you have a small electronics repair shop in our town they can usually fix it.

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      I wiggled all the connectors that I could find and that has not seemed to help. I have also tried the rolling reset but it doesn't work either. The only thing that seems to help is to remove the battery cable and re-attach it. If I do an off and immediately back on with the Neg. cable the gauges will start operating again but I may or may not get the overhead display to come back on. I have to leave the cable disconnected for 10 minutes or so to get a full reset and have the overhead display come back on. (It is almost like there is a capacitor somewhere that needs to discharge fully before it will fully reset.)

      I also noticed when replacing the starter the other day that there is a control box under the air cleaner box that is attached to the frame. I have tried a new BCM and a new ECM and neither of those made a difference. Does anyone know what this 3rd computer-ish looking box does? I also looked for more connectors to clean and grease with di-electric greese while I was under the car and cleaned a few more.

      I have ordered a Chiltons manual from the local parts store so I can locate all the ground points and clean them.

      --- In mopar33lv6@yahoogroups.com, J Masters <jmasters1@...> wrote:
      > try wiggling the connectors on the back of the circuit board for the dash..  see if it affects your connectors..
      > Also, you can reset the TCM while driving down the road..
      > I have gotten adept at turning the key to off, and then back on..  Put it into neutral while rolling, watching the tach to see if the car starts back up on its own, or if I need to hit the starter on it.  (about 40 mph)
      > have you changed the output speed sensor?   (can affect the ratio of tranny (input to output), resulting in limp mode)
      > Good luck
      > Justin
      > --- On Wed, 9/21/11, IByDesign <ibydesign@...> wrote:
      > From: IByDesign <ibydesign@...>
      > Subject: [mopar33lv6] Electrical problem in 93' Imperial . . . and it persists.
      > To: mopar33lv6@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Wednesday, September 21, 2011, 7:07 PM
      > Changed the starter out with a new one and I had a couple of good days with the car but the other electrical problem has resurfaced.  Even after I replaced the ignition switch the problem comes back.  Just as a recap on what the car is doing:
      > "Everything works and then I lose my overhead
      > display . . . the car runs fine so I keep driving. Next time I start it the
      > overhead display is still black/blank and the electronic dash is fine too. I
      > drive along and then my gauges start to go out until I only have my voltmeter.
      > Then the voltmeter goes out and the speedometer goes to zero. Then the
      > speedometer work again for awhile then back to zero. Then from time to time the
      > car will throw itself into 2nd gear (limp mode?) no matter what the speed. Once this happens
      > the only way to get it back to normal is to unhook the battery and then hook it
      > back up. After I do the battery trick everything goes back to normal (except (sometimes)
      > for the overhead display) until the next time. It seems totally unpredictable .
      > . . the only thing I have been able to figure out is that everything works and
      > then I here an alarm (1-3 dings) and then the overhead display goes out and I
      > can expect problems from there on.
      > I have now replaced the ECM and BCM and cleaned all connections I could find as well as
      > replaced the alternator and ignition switch on the car."
      > It does not seem to be tied to anything that is environmentaly traceable like hitting a bump or wet, hot or cold weather.  It does not appear to be a relay problem but it seems that the overhead display going dead is the first clue that I am going to soon have bigger electrical problems.
      > People in this forum have said to look for a ground problem or a bad connection and that seems likely but where to start?  I have rep[laced the ground terminal and the main ground cable.  Where else should I be looking?  What feeds the info to the overhead display?  where can I get a detailed wiring schematic?  I'll try anything!
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