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THE TWO CONVENTIONS OF 1928 - additional

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    ALL PRAISE IS DUE TO ALLAH THE AUTHOR AND GOVERNOR OF THE WORLD The Moorish Science Temple of America Prophet Noble Drew Ali, Founder ISLAM, THE TWO NATIONAL
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      The Moorish Science Temple of America
      Prophet Noble Drew Ali, Founder



      the first in cuba for ALL AMERICANS---

      "The International Conference of American States"


      First conference held in Washington, DC, October 1889- April 1890;

      second, Mexico City, October 22, 1901-January 31, 1902;

      third, Rio de Janeiro, July 21-August 26, 1906;

      fourth, Buenos Aires, July 12-August 30, 1910;

      fifth, Santiago, March 25- May 3, 1923;

      sixth, Havana, January 16-February 20, 1928;

      seventh, Montevideo, December 3-26, 1933;

      eighth, Lima, December 9-27, 1938;

      ninth, Bogota, March 30-May 2, 1948;

      tenth, Caracas, March 1-28, 1954.

      The Prophet was a delegate to the sixth I.C.A.S. from Jan 16, 1928-
      Feb 20, 1928. there was an address given from United States President
      Calvin Coolidge (the 30th president in office), on Jan 16, 1928. he
      brought with him Frank B. Kellogs (a close friend), and also
      Honorable Charles Evans Hughes, who acted as chairman of the
      delegation committe.

      part of calvin coolidges speech in December of 1928;

      "When we turn from our domestic affairs to our foreign relations, we
      likewise perceive peace and progress. The Sixth International
      Conference of American States was held at Habana last winter. It
      contributed to a better understanding and cooperation among the
      nations'. Eleven important conventions were signed and 71 resolutions
      passed. Pursuant to the plan then adopted, this Government has
      invited the other 20 nations of this hemisphere to it conference on
      conciliation and arbitration, which meets in Washington on December
      10. All the nations have accepted and the expectation is justified
      that important progress will be made in methods for resolving
      international differences by means of arbitration. During the year we
      have signed 11 new arbitration treaties, and 22 more are tinder

      The Prophet was a delegate to the sixth I.C.A.S. on "International
      Private Law" from Jan 16, 1928-Feb 20, 1928.

      there was an address given from United States President Calvin
      Coolidge (the 30th president in office), on Jan 16, 1928. he brought
      with him Frank B. Kellogs (a close friend), and also Honorable
      Charles Evans Hughes, who acted as chairman of the delegation

      many Laws, Codes, and new organizations for human uplifment and
      equality came out of the sixth conference, including the most
      reknown "BUSTAMENTE" code.

      the second in chicago for MOORISH AMERICANS---
      the 1928 convention
      Chicago, IL

      Unity Hall, 3140 Indiana Avenue

      October 15-20, 1929

      Prophet Noble Drew Ali, Founder

      Welcome Address by Honorable Louis B. Anderson, Alderman of the
      Second Ward;

      Honorable Daniel M. Jackson, Committeeman of Second Ward and Illinois
      Commerce Commissioner;

      Mr. Jesse Binga, President, Binga Binga State Bank;

      Honorable Oscar DePriest, Republican Candidate for Congress;

      Honorable Robert R. Jackson, Alderman of the Third Ward;

      Honorable George W. Blackwell, State Representative of Illinois

      Richard H. Ross, Master of Ceremonies

      The 1928 Convention Picture front row, left to right.

      1. Bro. C. Long Bey, Ill.

      2. Bro. Gluvier El, Ohio.

      3. Sis. C. Halsop Bey, Ill. (standing)

      4. Bro. Crumbey Bey, Pa.

      5. Prophet Noble Drew Ali. (standing)

      6. Sis. Lomax Bey, Mi.

      7. Bro. Lomax Bey, Mi. (standing)

      8. Bro. E. Mealy El, Ill.

      9. Bro. Pollard bey, N.J.

      10. Bro. Andrew Bey, Ill.

      Brother E. Mealy-El was the first Governor of the Temple. The title
      is now known as Grand Sheik.

      Brother E. Mealy-El became the Supreme Grand Sheik of the Moorish
      Science Temple of America appointed by the Prophet.

      Meetings were held in the Boosters Club, which was managed by Claude
      Greene. He later became Claude Greene-Bey, Supreme Grand Business
      Manager and was a member of the Supreme Grand Council.

      Unity Hall was the focal point of the club and the office for the
      organization. Unity Hall is now a Chicago historical land mark.

      Membership flourished and fifteen temples were established.

      Temple No. 1, Bro. E. Mealy-El, Grand Sheik (Chicago, IL.)

      Temple No. 2, Bro. White-Bey, Grand Sheik (Charleston, W. VA.)

      Temple No. 3, Bro. Pryor-Bey, Grand Sheik Milwaukee, WI)

      Temple No. 4, Bro. Lomax-Bey, Governor (Detroit, MI)

      Temple No. 5, Bro. Crumby-Bey, Governor (Pittsburg, PA.)

      Temple No. 6, Bro. Mosby-El, Governor (Richmond, VA.)

      Temple No. 7, Bro. Childs-Bey, Governor (Cleveland, OH.)

      Temple No. 8, Bro. Brown-El, Governor (Pine Bluff, ARK.)

      Temple No. 9, Sis. Whitehead-Bey, Grand Sheikess (Chicago, IL.)

      Temple No. 10, Bro. Pollard-Bey, Governor (Newark, NJ.)

      Temple No. 11, Bro. Thompson-El, Governor (Philadelphia, PA.)

      Temple No. 12, Bro. Gluvier-El, Governor, (Youngstown, OH.)

      Temple No. 13, Bro. G. Cook-Bey, Governor, (Baltimore, MD.)

      Temple No. 14, Bro.Sheppard-Bey, Governor, (Petersburg, VA.)

      Temple No. 15, Bro. Robinson-Bey, Governor, (Lansing, MI.)

      Temple No. 16, Sis. Mintor Bey, Grand Sheikess (Toledo, OH)

      Temple No. 17, Sis. C. Halsop Bey, Governor (Chicago, IL)

      Temple No. 18, Bro. L. Gray El, Grand Sheik (East Toledo, OH)

      Temple No. 19, Grand Bro. I. Cook Bey, Grand Sheik (Baltimore, MD)

      The Prophet told the Moors to "Renew your acts, amend your ways,
      because the great conference is on its way and it is where the Law
      will be enforced befoe THE GREAT GRAND BODY". The Great Grand Body
      being the title of the Grand Body and The Supreme Council united, The
      Great meeting was on.

      and we all know that the original Annual Convention of the MSTA was
      held by the Prophet on oct 15th-20th 1928. but contrary to most
      thinking, this was not the time every year that the national
      convention was supposed to be held. we will give three referrences


      "in reading your letter to brother thompson-El a few minutes ago, and
      in view of the wishes of The Prophet, as laid down in his laws to me,
      by himself, I wish to call your attention to the fact that it was his
      will that we hold the coming convention of 1929, beginning september
      the 15th to the 20th of the same month.

      my objection is only that the date which was made by The Prophet be
      considered as law with me, and remembering also that he said: "as
      long as you do what I tell you, you will be alright, but when you
      fail to obey my orders, you will have trouble", having talked the
      matter over with all the Governors, I find them all in favor of
      supporting the date of the convention as laid down by our PROPHET.

      Now, as business Manager, I am asking you to give away to the time of
      the PROPHETS choice and arrange your dates accordingly, which begins
      september 15th to september 20th inclusive. This will also give them
      more time for preparation for the same.

      We must do all we can for Peace, that a progressive advance may
      manifest itself in all of our actions. This done, all else is well.
      trusting this meets your approval, I am, your brother in Islam, E.
      Mealy El."

      written in august 14th, 1929 to Aaron H. Payne El (Supreme Business


      "Bro. C. Kirkman Bey, this is to notify you , that the above named
      organization, MOORISH SCIENCE TEMPLE OF AMERICA, in convention, sep.
      15th to 20th, resended by voting out the mistake made by the second
      Annual Convention, of 1929.

      And in so doing, you hold your membership roll, as when our Prophet
      was here, and we hope you will cooperate with the organization under
      the five principles.

      We hope further, that you will comply with this notice, and govern
      yourself accordingly.

      As there is but one Supreme Grand Advisor, in THE MOORISH SCEINCE

      And any one else attempting to be, from now on, is assuming authority
      of himself, and is liable to the Penalties of the LAW."

      written in sept. 26th, 1930 to C. Kirkman Bey.

      LETTER THREE (in part);

      "Persons who have caused confusion and trouble, and are yet causing
      it, through improper or anti-divine instructions, are herein listed,
      and are as follows,

      C. Kirkman bey,X ex-advisor, credentials revoked, in sept 1930.
      M. dove El, X ex-governess, credentials revoked, in sept. 1930.
      T.W. Owslely Bey,X ex-Gov., credentials revoked, in sept. 1930.
      Nelson Bey,X ex-Grand Sheik, credentials revoked, in sept. 1930.
      Monter Bey,X ex-governess, credentials revoked, in sept. 1931.
      M. cliff bey,X ex-govrness, credentials revoked, in sept. 1931.
      c. Childs bey,X ex-governor, credentials revoked, in sept. 1931.
      H. Glover El,X ex-Gov., credentials revoked, in sept. 1931."

      written after the 1931 Annual Convention to the temples.

      if you look at the first letter, you will see that it was The Prophet
      himself that established the new date of SEPTEMBER 15th through
      SEPTEMBER 20th, for our Annual Convention times.

      we can also see from the second and third letters, that E. Mealy El,
      took these instructions from the Prophet, which he called "LAW", to
      be every single year after that, not just in 1929.

      the 1930 and 1931 in the first eight names of the listing in the
      third reference letter here, show that E. Mealy El continued to hold
      The Annual Conventions in September and not october, as he KNEW this
      to be the Prophets "Will" and "Wishes" as stated by him.

      Let the six days of September 15th-20th (genesis chapter one) be the
      time when our "Great Meeting" signifies the continuance of
      the "Uniting of Islam", the "Uniting of The Holy Koran of Mecca", and
      the "Uniting of Asia" that has been taking place since 610 A.D.,
      with the fulfilling of Jesus Works, in the person of Mohammed I, and
      THE ISLAMIC CREEDS propagation here in North America by Prophet Noble
      Drew Ali (Mohammed III).


      In the service of ALLAH and Humanity
      Prince Ka Saadi El, Grand Sheik.
      "I am a Moslem"
      Federation MSTA, Inc. Temple No. 3 (NEW FEZ)




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