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May 11, 2011
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May 10, 2011
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Apr 29, 2011
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Photos 2007! I have added a few pictures to our photo album, sweet biker blondie by clemons 12........... hope to add more when the girls get more pictures to
Sweet Biker Blondie Denise
Jul 18, 2007
Re: pictures ... you ... Baby Bear was our photo taker this year so waiting on a CD. Stay toon for pic from Da Bears. Mama
Bruce&Linda Petersen
Jul 17, 2007
pictures Don't forget you can post some of your pictures here on this site, you might have to delete some of the past ones but go ahead.
Jul 17, 2007
Re: .... BEER OR JUST PLAIN ALCOHOL!!! ... _________________________________________________________________ Hotmail to go? Get your Hotmail, news, sports and much
Scott Senske
Jun 21, 2007
Re: .... I haven't posted on this thing since it got started a couple years ago, but I felt obliged to answer the plea........BEEEEEEERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Serrebaby
Doug Prazak
Jun 21, 2007
Re: .... Somebody other than Pizza knees(thanks girl) need to BEER ME!!!! Come on everyone!!!! ... All these posts and no one said anything about beer!!!! Shame on you
Jun 21, 2007
Re: .... are you kidding me!!!! BEER!!!!! it should be every other word!!!!!!! Serrebaby wrote: All these posts
Marcia Vikander
Jun 21, 2007
.... All these posts and no one said anything about beer!!!! Shame on you guys!!!!! BEER!!!!!
Jun 20, 2007
Thanks Wow that was fast thanks Beau and a big thank you to Lisa. The posts Are gone. I feel better now. whew! Mama
Bruce&Linda Petersen
Jun 20, 2007
Concerned Thanks Lisa I wasn't sure but it sure sounded that was happening and like you I didn't want to address them. I knew you would know what to do. Keep us in touch
Bruce&Linda Petersen
Jun 20, 2007
Re: weird posts a happening. Mama - I can't tell and really don't care.. I mean, I care, I'm just choosing to not give them any attention and hope that Beau will take care of it. Of
Lisa Heap
Jun 20, 2007
weird posts a happening. Is it me or is there a drug deal going down on the G-Page. It started with post 29616 from a Jamyz about sammydavis asprin bottle for a G. then these others
Bruce&Linda Petersen
Jun 20, 2007
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um....... BEER!!!!
Jun 17, 2007
A ride for Baby Bear I received a E-mail from a Brent Garberich a while back offering to give Baby Bear a lift to and from Sweet 16. However I am not sure who he is and since the
Bruce&Linda Petersen
May 6, 2007
Re: Photodude Bear ... Yes, indeed, he does wear an american flag bandana on his head. will try to remember to find a pic and e-mail you guys. Howler
Moondance Howler
May 2, 2007
Photodude Bear No pic's of Terry on walkabouts and what he would wear on his head. Does he where a flag bandana thiny. Let me know.
Bruce&Linda Petersen
May 2, 2007
any potluck ideas?? I am attending a potluck next weekend. I need a dish that serves 20 to 30 people. Friday is a two hour van ride with a fridge available at the end of the road.
Memyself Andi
Apr 21, 2007
Re: WAKE UP!!!! 100!!! Let the countdown begin!!!! 80DAS PK jimvw57 wrote: with only 100 days to go, I'd think there
Marcia Vikander
Apr 2, 2007
WAKE UP!!!! with only 100 days to go, I'd think there would be some activity in here.....
Apr 1, 2007
Def Leppard!!! Awesome!!!!!!
Mar 5, 2007
Email Kirsten, I tried to send you an email over the weekend, just wondered if you got it OK. Ian
Nov 27, 2006
Re: Sweet 16 Hi Kirsten, Sweet - I'll start looking at flights etc. What I may do is just fly over on the Monday, give me extra rest if I cant get into Minneapolis early
Oct 22, 2006
Re: Sweet 16 Ian, I can be pretty flexible on when we would head north. It is about a 4 hour drive to Walker from Minneapolis. As long as we can be to Walker by about 8 pm,
Oct 22, 2006
Re: Sweet 16 Kirsten, That would be ideal, depending on when you are leaving. Haven't looked at flights yet, but if I had an idea of times etc I could try and arrange
Oct 20, 2006
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Re: Sweet 16 Ian, We go up on Tuesday, so we could probably give you a ride. We usually head into Walker everyday anyway between 10-noon, but we can arrange to get you at
Nick Haglin
Oct 18, 2006
Re: Sweet 16 Ian, I will be leaving from the cities on Tuesday, if you can get in a day earlier you could ride up with me. Otherwise, I am sure someone who is up there can
Oct 18, 2006
bit of assistance I am not planning on a Tuesday arrival this year or I would definately assist you Ian !! However I did find the information for the location of the bus depot
Memyself Andi
Oct 18, 2006
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