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1785Any one know John Mcgarrity

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  • john
    Jul 17, 2013
      Hi my wife and I are on disability and she was recently diagnosed with CML / Cronic Myloid Leukemia we live in Derry Pennsylvania and we had recently put an ad on Craigslist looking for someone to put up a swimming pool. Well John McGarrity of the Mon Valley area either Charleroi or Monesson called and said that he worked for POOL CITY and that he would do the job for 500.00 he was at our place for two days with some other young man and they came with no tools dug a little dirt and erected the pool they left we had to call them because the pool liner was slipping into the pool because it was not centered correctly and they did not use the coping strips so only JOHN MCGARRITY came out on the third day and he tugged and stretched the liner which put holes in it up near the top. Ok I had told him the pool was not level he said it was we continued to fill the pool the water level was at least 8 to 10 inches off level. SO I was out checking the water level and putting up a table umbrella close by and I heard creaking and metal sounds and I got out of the way just in time........Here are a few photos of JOHN MCGARRITY"S work....we have been in contact with him and asked him to make this right he has refused to act in any way......and on a side note I had to unroll the pool wall for them and my wife with Leukemia held up the pool wall because they could not do it by themselves.....and my wife Sandy being the great person she is gave them 550.00 because it was hot she even made them lunch and took them cold drinks, we are out the money we paid them plus the money for the pool and filter and liner. we trusted them and this is how they treated us. So if any of you know JOHN MCGARRITY from the Mon Valley ask him why he treats good folks this way and it might be a good idea to shy away from him if you need a pool put up or anything else for that matter. I can give you his phone number in case he has done you wrong or you just want to tell him he is a pretty lousy fella and my name is John also and you can tell him I wrote this, really looking forward to meeting him again soon Thanks