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BetterBridge volunteer meeting - Tuesday 7:30pm @ Rob's house

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  • Jonathan Dubman
    You may have seen the call for volunteers in this month s Montlake Flyer. Unfortunately, the announcement did not include a couple of important details, namely
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      You may have seen the call for volunteers in this month’s Montlake Flyer. Unfortunately, the announcement did not include a couple of important details, namely the time and place! If you are inspired by the BetterBridge proposal and are looking for a way to actively participate to spread the word, refine the vision and make it a happen, come to this volunteer meeting and learn how. We’d love to meet you face to face.

      TUESDAY, APRIL 12 @ 7:30 PM at Rob and Carol Wilkinson’s house -   1837 East Shelby St .

      See http://www.betterbridge.org, newly updated with more content – see Press Coverage and Correspondence sections in particular.

      If you can’t make it, but are interested in finding a way to help, email info@... and someone will follow up. Thanks!

      * * *

      BetterBridge.org – CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS

      Have you been wondering what you can do to help promote a better vision for SR 520? Want to see the latest models, hear the latest news? Want to be a part of the action?

      We have many important roles for supporters of the bridge (not freeway) alternative through Montlake. If you have an hour, a day or a lifetime to volunteer we have plenty for you to do. Join the growing team of “bridgies” who can envision a beautiful bridge over Portage Bay and Montlake, who can imagine a continuous greenbelt from Montlake to the Arboretum, who can picture Montlake Blvd. with half the cars there are today, who can envision a new and accessible Transit Hub at the UW,  new wetlands daylighted after 45 years of darkness, new bike paths and pedestrian trails through Montlake. There are many roles to play:
      political action – it’s election season in Seattle and our Mayor and City Council have been very quiet on SR 520. We need their active support or this project will not happen.
      technical analysis – the state is hard at work studying our proposal. They have hired bridge engineers, environmental planners and  traffic experts examining every detail of our proposal. We need people who can understand what they are saying and critically evaluate their work. We want to hold them to the highest standards possible.
      communications – we need to keep everyone informed of important meetings related to our project and be able to mobilize them when necessary. We need press releases prepared for media inquiries and meetings set up to discuss our project.
      We are in a unique and powerful position to make a difference on SR 520 and not just rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. This will be the biggest issue Montlake will face in the foreseeable future and the next six months will be the most important. Please make a positive contribution to our neighborhood. And meet others are so inspired. Hope to see you there!


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