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Community Workshops!

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  • K.L. Schubert
    Please see below. I think anyone in the neighborhood is welcome to attend. I ll try to make the February 12th meeting. ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2004
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      Please see below. I think anyone in the neighborhood is welcome to attend.
      I'll try to make the February 12th meeting.

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      >Subject: NE District Council Meeting this Thursday Cancelled
      >Pasted below is an announcement from the City Council inviting neighbors to
      >come to community workshops to talk with Council members about the issues
      >your neighborhood. Because the workshop closest to most NE District
      >members is at the same as our February meeting, we are cancelling the NEDC
      >meeting. Please plan on attending the City Council meeting at Nathan Hale
      >High School from 6 :30 to 8:30.
      >Community Workshops with the
      >Seattle City Council
      >Meet new and veteran Council Members while helping them set their
      >legislative priorities for 2004!
      >Dates and Locations:
      >February 3: Miller Community Center
      >February 5: Nathan Hale High School
      >February 10: Chief Sealth High School
      >February 11: Rainier Cultural Center
      >February 12: Downtown YWCA
      >February 18: Ballard Community Center
      >All workshops will be held from 6:30 - 8:30 pm
      >Join us for an evening of discussion and information sharing. Please
      >reserve your spot for this exciting event by calling Krista Bunch at
      >206.684.8801 or Erika Nuerenberg at 206.233.3981 or sending an email to
      >krista.bunch@seattlegov or erika.nuerenberg@.... Further details
      >addresses for the workshops will be available on the Council's website at
      >Please share with your organizations.
      >See you next month.
      >Karen Ko
      >University Neighborhood Service Center
      >4534 University Way NE
      >Sea 98105

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