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FW: INTERLAKEN PARK - Seattle Hebrew Academy UPDATE

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  • Jonathan Dubman
    FYI - Interesting goings on with the Hebrew Academy and Interlaken Park. ... From: Marylou Whiteford [mailto:Marylou.Whiteford@seattle.gov] Sent: Thursday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2003
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      FYI - Interesting goings on with the Hebrew Academy and Interlaken Park.


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      From: Marylou Whiteford [mailto:Marylou.Whiteford@...]
      Thursday, July 03, 2003 4:53 PM
      INTERLAKEN PARK - Seattle Hebrew Academy UPDATE


      Let me add my BRAVO and THANKS to all the volunteers who have worked so hard at Interlaken Park

      Just in case some of you are not on my mailing list, I thought I'd take advantage of Kari's long list to share some other information about activity near Interlaken.

      A letter will be going out soon to update friends and neighbors and other concerned citizens who expressed interest in changes planned by Seattle Hebrew Academy (SHA), a neighbor to Interlaken Park.  Your helpful comments and insightful observations resulted in changes to SHA's original request to relocate the driveway that comes off Interlaken Drive East.  Work is expected to begin in the next week by SHA to alter the driveway slightly and eliminate some old encroachments onto park property.  Parks and Recreation Department has submitted legislation to City Council to define the driveway (that has existed since 1911) and SHA's responsibility for it, as well as add some protections for the park and for the City.   As part of SHA's responsibility to restore any portion of park land disturbed by their work, they will be adding native plants appropriate to Interlaken Park such as you have been doing in your work.  THANK YOU again!



      MaryLou Whiteford
      Sr. Real Property Agent
      Seattle Parks and Recreation Department
      800 Maynard Avenue South
      Seattle, WA  98134-1336

      206-233-7038 fax

      >>> Eliza Davidson
      size=1 face=Tahoma>07/03/03 10:31AM

      Bravo and HUGE thanks to you, Kari for organizing & pulling off the fern salvage!


      >>> "Norman L. Olson" <yolson@...> 07/02/03
      09:51PM >>>
      Hi all,
      a minor change to my e-mail address, (this will change again in 2004), but
      for now-
      yolson@... is it.
      Have a safe fourth of July everybody, yours truly here is taking it easy
      just watering the 276 salvaged ferns planted during the last week of June.
      For those of you who walk the park, take a stroll along the 19th & Galer
      entrance (by kiosk steps) further down the path to your left you'll see what
      I mean, like Eliza Davidson said the other day impressive!
      Kari A. Olson, Projects Coordinator
      The Friends of
      Interlaken Park

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