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Soil sampling in Montlake this month

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  • Jonathan Dubman
    The Link Light Rail project is in jeopardy, but it is far from dead. The project is looking at a wide range of solutions in an attempt to figure out a cost
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 14, 2001
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      The Link Light Rail project is in jeopardy, but it is far from dead. The project is looking at a wide range of solutions in an attempt to figure out a cost effective routing from downtown Seattle to the University District. One of many wild ideas is a deep tunnel that would pass under Montlake. In order to determine whether this idea is even remotely feasible, the Sound Transit Board has authorized some soil samples in or close to Montlake and is in the process of conducting them now.
      I have followed these issues closely. I don't feel there is any need to be alarmed, because:
      (a) this soil sampling process is a very routine and low impact procedure
      (b) the project would have to go through a lengthy and detailed environmental impact review process before actually deciding to build anything
      (c) it is looking politically unlikely that an alignment under Montlake would be chosen, as it involves the heavily debated Capitol Hill tunnel
      (d) in the unlikely event this does eventually happen, the noise and vibration effects of electric trains running in tunnels about 80 feet below the surface would probably be so slight as to be totally imperceptible at street level.
      That said, here is the related news release:
      Sound Transit news releases
      For immediate release: Aug. 10, 2001

      Lee Somerstein
      Voice (206) 689-4946
      Pager (206) 689-9804

      Montlake and University District Soil Sampling Begins August 13th

      Sound Transit work crews will begin drilling below streets for soil samples in the Montlake and University District neighborhoods beginning Monday morning Aug. 13, 2001. The work should be completed by the middle of September.

      The Sound Transit Board recently requested the soil sampling to examine the feasibility of a Montlake route as an alternative to the Link light rail route under Portage Bay. Collecting soil samples is exploratory and does not construe a decision to build a Montlake route.

      • Samples will be taken at five locations.
      • On the east side of Montlake Boulevard near Husky Stadium parking lot.
      • On Boyer Avenue East, east of 19th Avenue East.
      • On Pacific Place at the south end of Rainier Vista (north of Triangle Parking Garage).
      • On East Shelby Street, east of Montlake Boulevard.
      • On the south side of the University of Washington Medical Center.
      • Drilling will last four to five days at each location depending upon ground conditions.
      • Work will take place between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 6 p.m.
      • The drilling rig will sound like a running truck engine with occasional loud "hammering."
      • At the on-street locations, the trailer-mounted drilling rig will be located in the parking lane with two vehicles parked end-to-end.
      • Traffic control signs and cones will be set to manage traffic.
      • Pedestrian and business access will be maintained.

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