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WMS Junior Fiddlers busk in Montlake Saturday 1 to 3

Montlake Neighbors, Our WMS Junior Fiddlers are “rarin" to busk in Downtown Montlake tomorrow. Yes, Saturday the 29th from 1:00 to 3:00 on the
Nathalie Gehrke
9:39 AM

IT'S TIME! - Community Transportation Forum - Please Attend

Community Transportation Forum - Montlake - Portage Bay - Roanoke Park - North Capitol Hill - Arboretum It's Time! - Surface Street Safety & Traffic Planning +
Bryan Haworth
4:03 AM

Re: house cleaner

(206) 504-8383 her name is Jade Schott and was just started using her Sent from my iPhone
Scott Thompson
4:23 PM

house cleaner

Do any of you have a house cleaner that you are happy with and believe needs more work in the Montlake area? I am contemplating a change. Thanks!
Simon Kahan
4:21 PM

FW: Metro proposes changes to link buses with Capitol Hill, UW light

There is a link below to: respond to the council: Metro proposes changes to link buses with Capitol Hill, UW light rail The King County Council is now
L. Gray
Aug 27

Re: Route 25 "recommended" for deletion

[Sorry if this is a duplicate message] I’m also concerned about losing bus service in our neighborhood and have an idea I’d like to share. This is a backup
Kay Humm
Aug 27

For Dog Lovers

While I'm not a dog owner, a friend passed this site & survey along to me thought I would share. This group is working for off-leash areas in Seattle.
LeAna Alvarado-Smith
Aug 27

Re: FOUND! :) lost dog [1 Attachment]

Pablo has been found - phew...thanks!!! Sent from my Windows Phone ... From: "jeanne bridgman jeannebster@... [montlakeforum]"
jeanne bridgman
Aug 26

Re: lost dog

Photo attached - thanks so much for your help!! Sent from my Windows Phone ... From: "jonbridgman jonbridgman@... [montlakeforum]"
jeanne bridgman
Aug 26
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Re: lost dog

please excuse the typos I am using voice recognition Sent from my iPhone
Aug 26

lost dog

Arflack medium-size dog named Pablo has gone missing this afternoon. Please let me know if anyone sees him.Live on 1911 25th Ave. Sent from my iPh
Aug 26

Re: [PBRP] Route 25 "recommended" for deletion

Yesterday Metro announced as soon as the light rail station opens on Broadway and at Husky Stadium that many buses will be freed up to use for connecting
Anne Preston
Aug 26

Route 25 "recommended" for deletion

The public comment summary is final now, and the Route 25 bus has been "recommended" for deletion. Is emailing Dow Constantine the last place to appeal?
Aug 26

Crash Blocking Eastbound 520 Off-Ramp to Montlake

Per WSDOT Eastbound SR 520 DRIVERS! A crash is blocking the EB SR 520 off-ramp to Montlake Blvd. Drivers must go across floating bridge.
LeAna Alvarado-Smith
Aug 26

West Approach Bridge North Construction Update

24th Avenue East bridge over SR 520 scheduled to close as soon as Monday, Aug. 31 [West Approach Bridge North Project construction update]
    SR 520 Bridge Replacement & HOV Project
    Aug 25
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