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Montezuma Audubon Center 4/1/10

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  • Dave Spier
    Location: Montezuma Audubon Center Observation date: 4/1/10 Notes: 10:14 am - 3:08 pm; sunny, cirrus, warm Number of species: 26 Canada Goose
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2010

      Location:    Montezuma Audubon Center
      Observation date:     4/1/10
      Notes:     10:14 am – 3:08 pm; sunny, cirrus, warm
      Number of species:     26

      Canada Goose     5     (2+1+2 on the north pond)
      Gadwall     2     (pair)

      American Wigeon     66     (north impoundment)
      Green-winged Teal     2     (pair)
      Ring-necked Duck     2     (pair)
      Turkey Vulture     7     total, heading ENE

      Bald Eagle     1     photo ID, high (far), heading ~N
      Cooper's Hawk     1     photo ID, high in a thermal

      Killdeer     2     out front
      gull sp.     X     high

      Downy Woodpecker     2     at feeder

      Northern Flicker     1     (heard to the east from Warbler Walk trail)

      Pileated Woodpecker     1     (heard to the west [in the woods] from Warbler Walk trail)

      Blue Jay     2

      American Crow     3
      Tree Swallow     2     (on north nest boxes, then the west box)
      Black-capped Chickadee     1
      White-breasted Nuthatch     2     at feeder

      Eastern Bluebird     1     (replaced by the 2 Tree Swallows on west nest box)

      American Robin     3

      European Starling     5
      Song Sparrow     1     heard

      Red-winged Blackbird     18     (1 F, 15 M [~5 im.] at feeders;  at least 2 territorial M displaying in the marsh)
      Common Grackle     2
      Brown-headed Cowbird     2     (males)

      American Goldfinch     1     at feeder


      This composite report was created from eBird v2(http://ebird.org)
      Dave Spier
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