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FW: Harborview/Montessori Organizational meeting for parent volunteers, Aug 19th, 5:00pm

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  • Stephanie Allison
    Please attend if you can, there s a lot to get organized and the people heading this up want Montessori involved. Stephanie L. Allison 723-3092
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2008

      Please attend if you can, there’s a lot to get organized and the people heading this up want Montessori involved.


      Stephanie L. Allison



      From: dg4430@... [mailto:dg4430@...]
      Sent: Friday, August 15, 2008 10:18 AM
      Subject: Harborview/Montessori Organizational meeting for parent volunteers


      Good morning everyone! 

      As you know, this year our elementary kids will be attending a whole new school for hopefully one year while Harborview school is renovated.  So I am trying to put together a group of parents who would be willing to help get our school ready for the new year.  I am asking for you to send this email along to all the Harborview and Montessori families that you know to help spread the word about a meeting  the project manager, Sarah Lewis will be having next week.  Sarah is looking for parents who can volunteer for various projects to help get the school ready for our 1st day.   You'll find all that information on the attachment.  It should also appear below, just in case.  There is a lot of little things (okay, some big things too!) that need to be done to help get ready for the first day.  After you read over the list, if you see anything that you may want to add or suggest, let us know!  Sarah is open to ideas and suggestions to make this transition as smooth as possible and limit first day chaos! 

      In case you aren't sure who Sarah is, she is the project manager who works for CBJ.  She is working with the city, the contractors, the parents and staff to make this a good year filled with on going information and progress.  She also has a 3rd grader in Harborview so she understands the questions that we all have regarding the progress of the renovation and smooth operations of our school.

      Teachers and staff have been working to get their classrooms ready and will continue to do so.  I realize alot of us have last minute travel plans before school starts (like myself) but if you have any time or talents to lend a hand, that would be great!

      If you are interested in helping, please email me at dg4430@... or call 463-4430.  I will keeping a list of volunteers with their email addresses, cell and phone numbers so we can contact you.

      So I hope to see some of you on Tuesday, August 19th at 5PM at the Marie Drake Library!

      Thank you,

      Dina Gregg


      Harborview Elementary

      Making Marie Drake our Home

      (with many Harborview Hands!)


      Building beautification ideas:

      1. Welcome banner at the front entrance
        1. Weatherproof, large, to tie up at front entrance.
        2. For the first week, as well as all year.
      1. Hallway colors
        1. To help kids (and adults) navigate the classroom wing hallways
        2. Identify each long hallway with a color
        3. Place a color flag at each end of each hallway
      1. Front entry amenities:
        1. Asphalt games (hopscotch, 4-square)
        2. General tidying
        3. Bike racks
        4. Benches
        5. Small planting areas
        6. Park benches

      “Welcome to school” ideas:

      1. Signage
        1. School plans with “you are here” directions
        2. “This way to the front office…” etc.
        3. Toilets (maybe on ceiling, so visible from down the hall
      1. First morning assembly in Gym
        1. Have every class meet in the gym on the first morning
        2. Principal Stoltenburg and others can greet and address everyone
        3. Each class walks together to their classroom


      Helping teachers and staff:

      1. Food for the move in days
      2. Help with moving in:
        1. unpacking storage room boxes
        2. Helping teachers unpack
        3. Garbage and tape go-fers

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