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RE: [montessori_borealis] What happened?

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  • Juneu Montessori School
    Stephanie and everyone else, At last night s meeting, the lottery issue was not included in the agenda. It was brought up by Sean Lynch, Rich Conneen & me
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 18, 2008

      Stephanie and everyone else,


      At last night’s meeting, the lottery issue was not included in the agenda.

      It was brought up by Sean Lynch, Rich Conneen & me during the public participation in non agenda items.

      We requested them to reconsider their decision of leaving openings in the Montessori program indefinitely for diversity target students.

      We also asked to have a review of the lottery process.


      Sean reminded them that he is waiting for their legal council to respond to his letter in regards to the legality of their decision making process.  


      Deb Fagnet (sp?) & David Haas also testified – against our requests.


      During Future agenda items, both Marc & Margo requested to bring the lottery issue forward. They did not have enough votes to make that possible.

      During the discussion Marc insisted that he had voted for the amendment to the lottery to be applied to all programs, not just Montessori; but they basically told him that the amendment was intended to be applied solely to Montessori and if he did not understand what he had voted for, he needed to pay more attention.


      Margo also moved to put on hold the amendment until a full review of the lottery process was done. The motion failed.


      That was the end of it.


      Sean indicated that if in two weeks he did not receive response from the district’s counsel, he’ll seek a full judiciary review of their process.


      We need to get together with JCCJ & the Tlingit program to talk about our concerns about the lottery and create a united front on this issue.

      We also need to remind the board that the enrollment is a district responsibility and to meet any district targets, the district needs to address the obstacles that keep people from having access to all district programs, such as transportation or referral system.




      The child is both hope and promise of mankind!

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      I'm in Kansas visiting family. Could someone please tell me what happened at the
      board meeting last night? Control freak that I am, I'm going a little crazy with

      Stephanie Allison

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