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86Harborview Site Council Election

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  • Stephanie Allison
    May 19, 2009

      I’d like to pass on a note from one of the Harborview Site Council nominees.  If you’ve failed to get a newsletter, they can be downloaded from the Harborview website.  Please remember to vote, the deadline is May 27th.


      Hi friends,

      I put my name in for site council and it turns out it’s a contested election. Who knew! My first campaign since high school. J The Harborviews newsletter coming home this week includes a little box with a ballot (hidden on page 2, I think). My platform: I think Harborview is a great school and I’d like to be an advocate for the school and what’s best for all our kids. FYI: Montessori, I learned, is for governance purposes included in Harborview’s site council. As I think you know, I personally believe Montessori is a good option for our kids to have and the Montessori program can mesh with Harborview in a positive way.

      Thanks for voting!




      Rebecca Braun

      Alaska Budget Report

      ph: 907.523.2122

      fax: 907.586.1987





      Stephanie L. Allison