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82Re: [montessori_borealis] Recruitment at Gold Medal Games

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  • slacpa@acsalaska.net
    Mar 18, 2009
      This is a fantastic idea Barbara, I'm really sorry that I can't help, we leave for
      my brother's wedding early Saturday morning.

      Do you think it would be worth asking Alison to send this to her email list?


      As part of our annual recruitment efforts, Montessori, the
      > Charter School, and the Tlingit Immersion program are
      > combining forces and handing out program information at the
      > Gold Medal basketball games next week. These games run in
      > the afternoon and evening on Sun-Thurs, and Fri-Sat evening.
      > I'm looking for elementary or adolescent parents who can sit
      > at a table in the commons near the games and hand out
      > information about all three programs.
      > On Monday through Thursday, people are needed from noon -
      > 10:30pm. On Friday and Saturday games people are needed from
      > 5pm-10:30pm. Would you be available to staff a table for a
      > couple of hours? When are you be available?
      > Reply by email to barbara@..., or by phone to 789-2991.
      > Thanks.
      > Barbara Thurston
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