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48Harborview Registration

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  • Stephanie Allison
    Aug 27, 2008
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      Hello everyone!


      I received a phone call from Natalee Routhouse today, asking that the word get out to Montessori familes that we DO have to register our kids at Harborview, even if they are returning students.  THIS IS NOT RELATED TO YOUR CHILDS ENROLLMENT IN MONTESSORI BOREALIS.   It is simply a procedure that needs to be followed when a child changes schools.  Those of us who moved from Harborview to GV had to fill out all of the forms with that move.  


      In a nut shell, Harborview needs all of the permission forms (walking, internet use, ect) that was needed at GV.  Natalee stated that if parents can’t register before school, they can on the first day of school.  Don’t panic if you can’t do the first day of school either, I’m sure you’ll be contacted.  If you want to call the Harborview office, the phone number is 523-1850. 




      Stephanie L. Allison