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32Goodwill Gesture to HBV teachers - A gift of Pansies

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  • Juneu Montessori School
    May 22, 2008
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      Dear Families,


      As we completed our Pansy and Viola Fundraiser, it came to me that it would be nice to start building bridges with the Harborview Teachers.

      We are already moving the elementary classrooms on Thursday 29; so here is the simple plan:


      On Tuesday May 27, when children come back to HBV on the bus around 3 pm, I will meet them with a load of flowers to bring to each classroom teacher and specialist.

      It will take us about 30 minutes to go around the building to every classroom to deliver the flowers.  Parents picking up their children are more than welcome to come along (I would actually appreciate the help of a couple of adults to accompany us to do this delivery)


      I have cleared this with Principal Dave Stoltenberg and he appreciates the goodwill gesture.


      Please reply to montessori@... to let me know if your child will participate and if you can lend me a hand.


      Thank you,





      Lupita Alvarez, Director

      Juneau Montessori School

      750 St. Ann 's Ave.

      Douglas, AK 99824

      Phone: (907) 364-3535

      Fax: (907) 364-3537


      Education for Life, Education for Peace!


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