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109Children and Families Survey Results

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  • Juneau Montessori School
    Jan 26, 2010

    Dear Montessori Families:


    Many of you participated in the surveys former representative Andrea Doll and former assembly member Sara Chambers were working on to determine the needs of young children and families to make Juneau a better place to live.


    At a public meeting last week, they presented their findings and participants from various groups serving children and families in our community set priorities and recommendations for developing an action plan.


    Sara Chambers provided us with their presentation document, which is attached to this email. If you are interested in the entire 29-page list of statistics regarding Juneau children as they compare to children across the state, feel free to contact her directly at sara@...


    The same document can be found at http://jedc. org/forms/ AEYC_PR.pdf   It may take a few minutes to load. There are also other excellent resources at JEDC.org, including a child care status report, Juneau economic indicators, and a transportation assessment.


    Keeping informed and participating actively in the decision making process, is one way to ensure a bright future for our children.





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