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106PFD Pick, Click, Give, Opportunity

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  • Juneau Montessori School
    Dec 21, 2009
      Invest in the future… 
Dear Friends:

For 24 years the Juneau Montessori School has served 
hundreds of children in beautifully prepared environments that promote academic excellence, nurture their creativity and imagination, and inspire a life long love of learning. 

Thanks to the investment our friends and community 
businesses have made over the years in our children, we’ve seen generations of JMS students graduating from high school and even college. We plan to continue working for many years to come,  helping build a brighter future.  

Your annual gift can make a difference by helping us 
provide financial aid to families of modest means. 

When you apply for your 2010 PFD online, consider giving $25 or more to JMS. It is a chance for all of us to come 
together and invest in the future... just Pick.Click.Give.

Contributions can also be made directly at www.juneaumontessori.org
					Lupita Alvarez
					Director of  Education