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  • Tina McRorie
    Apr 11, 2014
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      This month's meeting (tomorrow) is the last meeting at the Santa Cruz Village. After that we will be at Baby Steps Doulas new center. As I'm scheduling our upcoming meetings there I wonder:
      Do you like the meetings at 11 on Saturdays? Or are there other days and times that are better for you?

      Thanks for your feedback and see you tomorrow!

      “Charting a New Course: Breaking the Ties that Bind”
      At our meetings this month, MBAPI will present the first workshop in the Attached at the Heart Parenting Program.
      Through this interactive workshop we will learn:
      • how environment and culture influence child rearing attitudes and practices,
      • the effects of nature and nurture in the developing child, and
      • how a child’s attachment to their primary caregiver is the foundation for the capacity to form trusting, secure relationships as adults.

      Saturday, April 12th, 11am to 1pm
      The Santa Cruz Village Birth and Family Enrichment Center
      730 Mission Street, Santa Cruz