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196Re: Help finding the right carrier.

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  • Kathryn Berlin
    May 26, 2013
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      Hi Jennifer,
      Where are you located? There is a Babywearing International of the Bay Area group with a chapter in the South Bay. They have monthly meetings where you could try a bunch of different carriers. I have several different kinds as well, and I am in Boulder Creek if you would like to meet up. A Quick rundown- mobys are great for newborns. After about 15 lbs or so, you will need to move on to a different type of carrier. For someone who really likes a moby wrap, I would recommend a woven wrap. These can be used from birth, and they are similar to a moby except they are not stretchy. You can do all sorts of carries, including back carries. Another option is a soft structured carrier like an Ergo. There are lots of different kinds out there. I really like the Tula brand. It is similar in price to the Ergo, however, you can usually find ergos used. There are also Mei Teis, ring slings, and others, but the two I would say to look into are a woven wrap and a soft structured carrier. Feel free to email me directly if you have any questions. Thebabywearer.com is a great resource, you have to make an account but then you have access to lots of info plus listings for baby carriers. Good luck!

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