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173Laundry to Landscape meeting this Tuesday, January 8th

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  • Karen Shihadeh
    Jan 6, 2013
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      LeAnne Ravinale, MA, will speak about DIY rain harvesting and greywater systems by PowerPoint at the Holistic Moms Network meeting this Tuesday, January 8th, at 5:30pm at the Monterey Public Library. LeAnne is a certified graywater installer and has studied graywater catchment with American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association. She has also completed Sustainable Horticulture at Cabrillo College and the Monterey Bay Green Gardener Program, and holds a certificate in Permaculture Design from the the Regenerative Design Institute.

      Divert your washing machine, bath or shower water so it irrigates your landscape, safely and legally. Divert rainwater from your roof into holding tanks for later use. It's easier than you think to save money and green up your yard and garden. Learn more at www.laundry-to-landscape.com and come to the meeting!

      Free to the public. Kids always welcome!