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  • stklegal
    Oct 15, 2013
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      Hi Mark!


      Yes, I am familiar with the Dollar Bill Dwarf, and with Mark Sky's designs which form a face with parts of the "O" and "E". Also, I found out after the fact that there are others who have created a Jack O'Lantern out of a dollar bill; Mike Jittlov has one posted on his website.


      One of my inspirations for the design was, surprisingly, Jodi Fukumoto's Ukulele. After all, a ukulele is nothing more than a face with a handle sticking out. That concept has led me to two guitar designs, a battle ax, and the Jack O'Lantern.


      Here is a link to a picture of the Jack O'Lantern, just so everyone knows what we are talking about:




      Glenn Sapaden 

      ---In moneyfolders_unite@yahoogroups.com, <moneyfolders_unite@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I just returned from Albuquerque late last night/early today. At PCOC,  Glen Sapaden taught his Pumpkin Designed. I did not take the class. The model appears to me to be based on Elaine Yatsko's Dollar Bill Dwarf's face. I remember Mark Sky have some models using this face for some of his models. I am just catching up on my e-mails after being away for 10 days so I can not do the research to confirm all of this.

      Good Luck.


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