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6Re: [momspcvsn] Hi from Adam's mom

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  • e warren
    Mar 14, 2006
      Edie Warren, Peter's mom here.  I have had good luck using www.callingcardplus.com call Peter from RI.  I drove 4WD in Australian outback on the left side of the road - - In Alice Springs I spent a lot of time putting the wipers on instead of the directional signal. :)

      Michele Coady <michelelc@...> wrote:
      Hi everybody,
      I am Michele Coady, Adam's mom.  He is in a small village near Kedougou in the southeastern corner of Senegal doing sustainable ag work and he loves it.  My daughter just finished two years of PC work in Zambia in a village helping the farmers raise fish.  So, you would think I would be used to having my kids gone but it still is tough.  
      Adam just got a puppy which I think will help a lot.  He doesn't like being without an animal companion.  I hope to visit him late this year, depending on his schedule.  I went to Zambia when my daughter was there and it was a very interesting trip.  I rented a huge Land Rover to get to her village (driving on the other side of the road and shifting with my left hand!).   
      I have had very good luck talking to Adam using my MCI card but my daughter just sent me another phone card site that she is using -
      Her boyfriend stayed in Zambia for another six months as a PC manager so she talks to him a lot and she said this card is very economical and dependable.


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