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5Re: [momspcvsn] Greetings

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  • Jacqueline Guyer
    Mar 14, 2006
      We've been using skype and have also been able to get Meryl's cell and I'll send more info in a little while to apprise you of our methods.

      On 3/14/06, kathy.10706 <kl.mcardle@... > wrote:
      Hi to the group.
           First I want to thank Adam for thinking of we old folks on the home front and using his
      precious cyber time to set this up;  I know we'll all find it useful as the months go by. 
      I'm agfo Evan's mom.  He's posted in the Kaolack region near Kaffrine, where I'm told it is
      now starting to get very, very hot.  We are also hoping to visit , but need to wait until we get
      the ok from our pcv as to the timing of it all, which isn't easy to predict just yet, but I don't
      think his particular work load and mind set will allow a visit before Nov, Dec or in early 2007.  
      We haven't started to grapple with the logistics yet.
           For now we're still trying to sort out the least expensive way to stay in cell phone contact. 
      We've tried calling cards, $5 Africa phone cards, setting up an ATT special rate for Senegal,
      and have looked into call back services and Skype.  The biggest issue other than cost is that
      he can call out but we almost never are able to get a trunk line in if we want to call him back
      when he's available to save his nickel.  This probably is just the way it's going to be for the
      next two years.   Any keeping in touch advice would be appreciated.
           Hope everyone's volunteer is in good health for the moment.

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      Daughter Cause Son


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