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  • warrentreut
    Mar 14 11:49 AM
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      HI - My son Peter is in a village near Foundiougne (SW of Kaolack) and
      is a sustainable AG volunteer. How to stay in contact- hmm, tough
      one. Petie has bought a cell phone there and I try to send him an
      email or text message as to when I will call. His Dad has an AT&T cell
      and has had no problem getting TM's to him, I have Verizon Wireless and
      none of my TM's have made it to date. Peter is not the best
      correspondent. I do better talking directly with him and thus I will
      be switching over to AT& T. Anything to stay in contact with my "baby"
      who is now having this life altering experience of which I feel I am
      compeltely missing.
      I regularly read Megan's blog (www.pcvmegan.org) as I have found
      pictures of Petie and other volunteers a detailed description of what
      is going on. Megan is also an AG volunteer and in a village close to
      Pete so it is a vicarious experience at best.
      Yes, I plan to visit and the pcv schedule will dictate as well. I think
      we are all planning on gathering in Portugal, finances permitting for
      Christmas 2006 and then again if finances hold out, I would like to go
      to Senegal to see and understand better the pcv experience. As time
      ticks on, they grow I guess we have done our job well to raise our kids
      to be independent, but did they have to choose West Africa to do it?
      Kidding of course but I miss not seeing him. Pete spent a year in
      Australia so I guess I should be getting used to this? -ECW (Pete's
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